Eighth Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster and Oral Presentation Winners

The Eight Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium was held on April 26, 2017. We had a great turn out of students who presented either a poster or oral presentation. Thank you to all who attended and supported the event. Below is a list of our first and second place winners:

First Place Winners:

Category Winners
Applied Engineering

Oral Presentation #9

Presenter – Jingyu Chen, Engineering
Title:  Towards Building Versatile Immerse Finite Element Method Software to Study Fluid-Structure Interactions in Biomechanics
Faculty Sponsor – Lucy Zhang, Engineering

Poster Presentation #4

Presenter – Madeline Dery, Engineering
Title: Investigating the Effect of N-linked Carbohydrates on Retention of mAbs in Chromatography Systems
Faculty Sponsor – Steve Cramer, Engineering

Biological Sciences

Oral Presentation #2

Presenter – Krystyna Farrell, Engineering
Team Members: Dr. Brady Cress, Dr. Robert Linhardt
Title: Spacer Position within a CRISPR Array Affects dCas9-mediated Transcriptional Repression
Faculty Sponsor – Mattheos Koffas, Engineering

Poster Presentation #46

Presenter – Abbey Van Alstyne-Ponce, Science & IT
Team Member: Gina Oliver (Grad. Student)
Title: Growth of a Model Extremophile Archaeoglobus Fulgidus on Formate, a C1 Compound
Faculty Sponsor – Karyn Rogers, Science & IT

Computer and/or Computational Sciences

Oral Presentation #14

Presenter – Alexander Schwartzberg, Science & IT
Title: Magellan - An Ontology-Driven Archival Dataset Curation Solution
Faculty Sponsor – Peter Fox, Science & IT

Poster Presentation #56

Presenter – Spencer Norris, Science & IT
Team Members: Matthew Poegel, Hannah de los Santos (Grad. Student), Kristin Bennett, John Erickson
Title: Semantic Numeric Exploration Technology
Faculty Sponsor – Deborah McGuinness, Science & IT

Humanities, Arts, or Social Sciences /Architecture

Oral Presentation #22

Presenter – Corey Robinson, HASS
Title: Analogy Visualization
Faculty Sponsor – Hui Su, Science & IT

Poster Presentation #65

Presenter – Ian Rios, HASS
Title: RAAPT: Rhythmic Automated Audio Processing Templater
Faculty Sponsor – Rob Hamilton, HASS

Physical Sciences

Oral Presentation #25

Presenter – Landon Kilgallon, Science & IT
Team Member: Jananee Narayanan
Title: Oxetane: the New Epoxy Resin for UV Curing?
Faculty Sponsor – Chang Ryu, Science & IT

Poster Presentation #82

Presenter – Erin Tuttle, Science & IT
Team Members: Andrea Currie, Aram Chung
Title: Microfluidics Study of Pluronic as Shear Protectants against Deformability of Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
Faculty Sponsor – Chang Ryu, Science & IT

Second Place Winners

Category Winners
Applied Engineering

Poster Presentation #3 

Presenter – Lexie Cornely, Engineering
Title: Engineering Alginate Hydrogels for 3D Tumor Spheroid Cultures
Faculty Sponsor – David Corr, Engineering

Biological Sciences

Poster Presentation #30 

Presenter – Tyler Graf, Engineering
Title:  Ex Vivo Arterial Culture for Assessment of Compliance-Induced Intimal Hyperplasia
Faculty Sponsor – Mariah Hahn, Engineering

Physical Sciences

Poster Presentation #75 

Presenter – James Flamino, Science & IT
Title:  Study of BKT Transitions through the sine-Gordon Model
Faculty Sponsor – Joel Giedt, Science & IT