Digital Measures: Small Change to Activities Insight Run Report Feature

Digital Measures made a minor change to how they run reports for the Activities Insight side of the house only. The Activities Insight side of the house is where faculty store their syllabus data, learning assessments, and reflections. Running reports such as the Syllabus, Scheduled Teaching Completeness, or the Course Assessment Action Items are some of the reports which fall into this category. The change is very small and you could probably get through it without any issues but we wanted you to know that the training materials and video tutorials that are hosted on the Provost website have been updated.

Note: Course evaluation reports did not change.

Below are links to a few of the resources that are always available for Digital Measures:

Digital Measurs Assessment Tool

Digital Measures Roadmap Reference Guide

Digital Measures Video Tutorials

Any questions, please reach out to: Maureen Fodera, Undergraduate Education.