Submit Your Thesis / Dissertation

Rensselaer’s Office of Graduate Education (OGE) and the Rensselaer Libraries offer a streamlined, electronic-only submission process for theses and dissertations for all graduate students.


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You will submit your thesis/dissertation online through ProQuest ETD Administrator.

Please refer to the Checklists below for required forms that must be brought to OGE before you can upload your document for the final phase of the review/approval process. Review the OGE Preparation Manual as you prepare your submission.

You are encouraged to make an appointment with our office to conduct a preliminary review of your thesis/dissertation before final submission. Requests should be made before a you defend and include the citation style used. For questions and/or more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Education.

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Master’s Thesis

Master's Thesis Submission Dates
Graduation Thesis Due
December 2020 11/16/2020
May 2021 3/26/2021
August 2020 7/6/2020

Master's Thesis Checklist

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Doctoral Dissertation

Doctoral Dissertation Submission Dates
Graduation Dissertation Due
December 2020 11/30/2020
May 2021 4/9/2021
August 2020 7/20/2020

Doctoral Dissertation Checklist

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You will need to use a credit or debit card to pay $30 directly to ProQuest as part of the ProQuest ETD Administrator submission process. This fee covers the cost of ProQuest supplying a bound paper copy of your thesis to the Rensselaer Libraries for preservation. Additional copies for personal use may also be purchased through ProQuest. You may file for copyright registration via ProQuest ETD Administrator for an additional $55.

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Spring 2020 Thesis/Dissertation Submission Tips Workshops

Time: 12:00 -1:00pm

Place: Student Union, Room 3202

-Tuesday, January 28

-Thursday, Februay 27


Dinner Workshop: 6PM-7PM

Wednesday , February 12

Thursday, Februay 27


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Spring 2020 Open Walk-In Thesis/Dissertation Prep Sessions

Time: Fridays, 2:30-3:30pm

Place: Student Union, Room 3202

- February 7

- February 21

- March 20