Career-Related Workshops to Prepare Students for Arch Semester Away Experiences

In collaboration with academic departments, employers, and alumni, the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers workshops focused on preparing students for their semester away and, ultimately, a career or graduate school.

Whether students decide to pursue their passion in the form of a co-op, internship, research, study abroad, or Individual Learning Experience (ILE), our career-readiness programs are designed to further provide in-depth knowledge about career fields, develop career management skills (e.g., resume writing, interview prepara­tion), and facilitate networking with alumni and industry partners. Individual and personal support is also offered to navigate Arch away options.

In preparation for the Class of 2021 this summer, the staff from the CCPD has strategically designed a variety of workshops to help students prepare for their semester away search.

Sample career-development workshops include:

Semester Away Search Plan - Preparation is the key! During this workshop, students are exposed to an in-depth search process that calls for critical thinking, networking, tracking, and solidifying. Creating a search plan is the blueprint for securing a great opportunity.

Semester Away Resources – This is an opportunity for students to learn about the primary resources that are exclusively available to Rensselaer students to assist with their semester away search. These resources are a valuable part of making connections to external constituents.

LinkedIn Lab – Students will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn platform to begin building their professional network to connect with potential employers. LinkedIn is a nationally recognized online social media tool that serves as a meeting ground for professionals.

Resume Critiques – Students have the opportunity to align their resume to meet the demands of the market, add a competitive edge, and effectively communicate their unique student experience. This workshop walks students through the formalities of career-ready resumes.

Career Fair Prep – During the fall term at Rensselaer, a career fair is co-hosted by our student organizations, the National Society of Black Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. During this workshop, the CCPD provides the tools necessary for students to effectively interact with employers through interviewing tips and how to maximize their potential in a robust environment.

“I encourage students participating in The Arch to take advantage of all the career-related workshops offered this summer through the CCPD,” said Vice President for Student Life, Dr. Peter Konwerski. “We have an incredible team of career professionals available to help our students advance their semester away search, and with our extensive list of employer partners, we’ve cultivated over a thousand Arch away opportunities. Our career counselors will be scheduling individual one-on-one consulting sessions to help each student navigate our amazing Arch away options. We’ll also be providing every Arch student with an array of career-readiness tools to help them apply, interview, and secure one of these incredible industry placements.”