Fireside Chat-"AI in Fiction and Fact"

Join us for an indepth discussion with Prof. Jim Hendler

Topic: "AI in Fiction and Fact"

When: Wednesday, July 15th, 5pm-6pm

Where: WebEx:


Session Description: In the past decade, great progress has been achieved in many parts of the artificial intelligence field.  Feats such as beating the world’s champions at Jeopardy and Go, image  and face recognition capabilities that surpass human levels, and the growth of Siri, Alexa and a slew of  chatbot’s have shown what the capabilities of the technology can be.   Looking to the future, there are people, including some of the top scientists in the world, who denounce AI as an existential threat to the human race.  Others have argued that problems like climate change, food shortages and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be solved by humanity without AI’s help.   Some of these debates have been informed by the science of AI, others by the science fiction.  In this session, Professor Hendler, one of RPI’s leading AI experts, will lead a discussion exploring what today’s AI can and cannot do, and how movies like the 1950s “Day the Earth Stood Still” and 1960’s “2001” and modern movies and TV shows, such as WestWorld, are shaping the perceptions of what AI is, what it can do, and most importantly, what you should know about it (even if you are not a computer scientist).