Fireside Chats Offer Immersive Opportunity To Discuss Research

Throughout the 2020 summer semester, faculty presented their research to students during The Arch Fireside Chat series, an open platform for students to engage with esteemed faculty on important topics, including current research and a host of methodological practices and perspectives. The chats were intended to inform and engage students toward deeper questioning leading to an interest and better understanding of research opportunities. 

During each one-hour session, Rensselaer faculty members highlighted their research, allowing time at the end for questions and answers. Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the following research topics:

  • Biological implications and COVID-19 with Deepak Vashishth, director for the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Panic Buying with Jose Holguin-Veras, professor and endowed chair, civil and environmental engineering
  • AI in Fiction and Fact with Jim Hendler, professor and director of IDEA,
  • COVID-19 Epidemiology Modeling with Juergen Hahn, director and professor of biomedical engineering
  • Research Creativity: Through the Lens of Advanced Manufacturing with Johnson Samuel, assistant professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering

“The fireside chats were a unique opportunity for the Rensselaer community to engage with faculty. I have personally learned more about the amazing research conducted by our faculty. From the dynamics of panic buying during the pandemic to the presence of artificial intelligence featured in movies, I continue to be enlightened. I am confident that the students who have taken advantage of this opportunity have been enriched as well,” said Tiffany Powell, director of The Arch Academic Programs.

To learn more about The Arch Fireside Chats, watch the video sessions.