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Important Dates and Communications

Regardless of your current year at Rensselaer, please consult the academic calendar for the most up-to-date information regarding academic deadlines.

The Arch Calendar

The 2022-2023 School Calendar Planning Guide Available 

View and Download The Arch Calendar  Students can view and download the Arch Calendar that includes important dates and deadlines such as the following:

  • Semester Away Selection 
  • Arch Exception Process
  • Summer Term Registration
  • Employer Timelines for Interviewing 
  • Semester Away Opportunities Descriptions 
  • Stakeholder Contact Information
  • Support Resources 
Arch Preparations for Summer 2021 Communications

Arch Discovery Sessions - Week Long Enagement in Academics and Career Development 

Arch Discovery Day Welcome - Arch Calendar Download

Livestream Recording - Arch Discovery Day Opening Session

Percipio Module Instructions - Arch Preparation, Fall Term Online

Arch Discovery Day Communication

Arch Spring 2021 Webinar (Upcoming Dates)

Spring Term Preparations 

Summer Term Registration - Delayed to March 8, 2021

NEW: The Arch Summer Term 2021 - Provost and Vice President for Student Life

Summer 2021 FAQs Now Available - The Arch 


Arch Discovery Academic Sessions

Architecture Architecture October 2020
Contact Department for Information
Engineering Biomedical Engineering August 25th, 1pm-2:30pm

Connect Here:

Engineering Chemical and Biological Engineering August 24th, 3pm-4pm

Meeting number: 120 419 5052

Password: kSzCdpBx422

Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering Aug. 26th, 12-1:30pm
Engineering Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering August 27th, 5pm-6pm


Engineering Industrial and Systems Engineering August 24th, 3pm-4pm

Connect: https://rensselaer.webex.com/meet/pazouj

Contact: Jennifer Pazour

Engineering Materials Science and Engineering August 25th, 2pm-3pm
Engineering Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering (M.A.N.E) August 27th


Contact - Tom Haley haleyt2@rpi.edu

HASS All Departments August 25th, 10am-11am


Lally School of Management All Departments August 25th, 10am-12pm
Science Biological Sciences August 25th, 4pm-5pm


Science Chemistry and Chemical Biology August 27th, 3pm-4:30pm
Science Computer Science August 25th, 1pm-3pm


Event number: 120 873 3802

Event password: wpYPcYJS242

CS Arch Discovery Day Follow-Up Q&A (For students who could not make the first session due to time difference)

Wednesday, August 26th at 9:00 AM

URL for attendees: https://rensselaer.webex.com/rensselaer/onstage/g.php?MTID=e190b68e45a1b58bb7bb8c7b350b72942

Event number: 120 689 1621

Event password: 3aHu6DhUgU6

Science Earth and Environmental Sciences August 27th, 2pm-3pm
Connect: https://rensselaer.webex.com/rensselaer/j.php?MTID=m63a081a6053942d51a67aa48b1238502
Science Information Technology and Web Science August 27th, 2pm-3pm
Connect: https://rensselaer.webex.com/rensselaer/j.php?MTID=m0be59a79f8b0601109a5f92a1079d6ef
Science Mathematical Sciences Aug 26th, 10-11am


Meeting number:120 659 8584


Science Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy August 28th, 11am-12pm

Connect: https://rensselaer.webex.com/meet/meuniv

Contact: Vincent Meunier






















































10/14/19 - Spring Away 2020 Memorandum

October 14, 2019

Spring Away 2020 Students Memorandum

Congratulations on your up-coming Semester Away -- Spring 2020!

You are getting ready to embark on an exciting opportunity to participate in an individual learning experience that you get to design, to meet your specific career, educational and experiential learning interests. All Semester Away options are under the umbrella of the “Individual Learning Experience”. Every Arch student is able to identify how you want to use your semester away—this is what makes this opportunity "individualized" and independent in nature.

Individual Learning Experience

Civic Engagement
International Experience
Study at Another U.S. Institution

To start the process, all students are assigned to the “self-design" section of the Individual Learning Experience.  If you desire to change the designation from self-design to one of the other ILE options, you’ll need to complete the steps below. Students will be able to facilitate any changes until the add deadline of the spring term: January 24, 2020.

Steps to follow:

  1. Briefly share how you will use your semester away in the provided ILE Webform
  2. Finalize plans by logging into the Student Information System (SIS) and select the specific semester away option.
  3. After follow-up, provide the specific documentation needed to the designated offices listed below.

As you begin to conclude your fall term on campus, our goal is to equip you with the comprehensive knowledge base that provides you with skills to navigate your semester away term.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the affiliated offices to ensure you receive the necessary support to close out your semester. 

ILE - Internship or Co-op – CCPD 518-276-6234 

ILE - Civic Engagement - CCPD 518-276-6234 

ILE - Self Design - Undergraduate Education 518-276-3142

ILE - Research - Undergraduate Education 518-276-3142

ILE - Study at U.S Institution – Undergraduate Education 518-276-3142

ILE - International Experience – International Programs/Study Abroad 518-276-3411


The Arch Inquiries Team
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180-3590 USA

10/22/19 - The Arch at Rensselaer Full Implementation Update


This summer, the first full implementation of The Arch at Rensselaer marked a significant milestone for our Institute. Described as one of the most significant pedagogical innovations at Rensselaer, The Arch was developed to be intentionally transformative by providing the following:

  • An acceleration of immersion in both the academic and professional worlds;
  • Structured academic advising, career counseling, and leadership development;
  • Unique academic and co-curricular summer experiences;
  • Re-clustering of the junior-year cohort across disciplines;
  • More focused and meaningful engagement with the faculty; and
  • An opportunity for students to engage in self-discovery, leading to increased intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and a global perspective.

With a deep commitment to a culture of assessment and continuous improvement, we are writing to share updates on the past two successful Arch pilots and the full implementation of summer 2019 where nearly 1,100 students immersed themselves on campus during a robust academic summer semester.

Through increased faculty-student engagement, great academic success was achieved during the summer semester. Of the 1,100 students participating in The Arch, 95% passed all three summer terms, a testament to the prowess and resiliency of our Rensselaer students. This statistic is representative of student performance in both the six- and 12-week courses. Surveys also indicate that the rewarding conversations that took place during the weekly student-faculty “community luncheons” contributed to an increase in academic success. Additionally, a vast majority of students stated that they were able to enroll in summer term courses needed by their major field of study.

Academic Recommendations

  1. Eliminate Six-Week Courses
    Based on preliminary student/faculty feedback and our initial analysis of the courses offered during the summer, responses indicate that the compact nature of the six-week courses did not allow for an in-depth exploration of material.
  2. Review Course Offerings
    Of those students who were not able to register for courses needed for their major, the primary reasons were scheduling conflicts and a more limited offering of courses over the summer term. We are working diligently to reduce these conflicts by increasing the number of courses and sections.

Co-Curricular Intentionality, Health, and Well-Being
Support was offered through the Institute’s wide variety of stress management resources including outdoor recreation, intramural sports, fitness classes, Mueller Center wellness programs, and Student Health Services. During some of these activities, we offered free food, live music, games, and support animals all designed to help support efforts to reduce stress and anxiety.

Co-Curricular Intentionality, Health, and Well-Being Recommendations

  1. Student Organized Activities and Hours of Operation
    Feedback suggests scheduling events and programming after hours to increase student participation. In addition, increasing the hours of operations for campus facilities will help to maximize student productivity.
  2. Increase Counseling Service Hours
    The Student Health Center received interest from students to add more drop-in and after-hour options to accommodate their schedules. To date, the office has arranged drop-in counseling sessions at three locations, four days per week, meeting students where they are (i.e., ECAV, Mueller Center, and Student Union).

Career Exploration and Leadership Development
Through campuswide collaboration, Rensselaer staff worked diligently to prepare students for an array of semester away opportunities. The Center for Career and Professional Development’s (CCPD) staffing structure was expanded to include an employer relations team to further develop long-term employer partnerships, develop on-campus recruiting and career events, and to place a regional focus on top markets. Additionally, a required non-credit course was developed that focused on essential professional development skills and career success through five-course modules. This course was designed to help students link their interests with their passions, set future professional goals, and to pursue academic aspirations.

To date, over 450 students have embarked on a fall away Individual Learning Experience (ILE) in the following areas:

  • 47% – Cooperative Education or Internship
  • 8% – Research Experience
  • 5% – International Experience/Study Abroad/Studying at Another U.S. Institution
  • 6% – Civic Engagement Experience
  • 34% – Self-Designed Experience

Career Exploration and Leadership Development Recommendations

  1. Modify Online Career Exploration Course
    Based on student feedback and further analysis from the CCPD, the online course will be modified to one semester and will be customized by school, and ultimately by major, to further strengthen and prepare our students for their semester away experience. In the future, the online course will also include a module on mental health and well-being. We also strive to continue developing on-campus employer relations interactions and engagement, career fairs, and the like.
  2. Continue to Diversify Away Opportunities
    As we continue to strengthen opportunities for students to engage in self-discovery, leading to increased intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and a global perspective, we are strategically building partnerships across all disciplines and Individual Learning Experiences (ILE).

On-Campus Living and Dining
The re-clustering of the junior cohort on campus, a very important component of Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students (CLASS), is designed to build community among our students and affinity with their alma mater. This was achieved through our intentional living and learning approach and the variety of programs offered within the seven climate-controlled residence halls. In addition to the cohort living community, students participated in a variety of opportunities immersing themselves in the cultural richness of New York’s Capital Region, including summer activities, arts, and cultural experiences only offered during the summer.
Students also had access to our talented team of student Resident Assistants and Resident Directors, live-in Residential Deans, 24-hour On-Call Counselors, and the daily Safe Ride transportation program to help build community and create a safe and inclusive environment. Essentially, students had access to all the resources and support services offered at Rensselaer during the fall and spring semesters.
On-Campus Living and Dining Recommendations

  1. Improve the residential transition and readiness of move-in/out.
  2. Further build cohort affinity and community.
  3. Experience the expansion and transformation of the Commons and Russell Sage dining halls and increase meal plan options to reflect student needs.

Understanding the aforementioned, the implementation of these recommendations in preparation for The Arch in 2020 is a top priority as we work to further enhance the experience and continue to make it one of the most innovative elements of our Rensselaer education. As the Class of 2021 completes their semester away experience this spring, the findings will continue to be a catalyst for sustainability of the student experience through The Arch. We look forward to celebrating your success as you pioneer new Rensselaer traditions throughout your academic journey and create a legacy as a Rensselaer graduate who will indeed change the world and beyond.


Dr. Peter Konwerski
Vice President for Student Life

Dr. Prabhat Hajela


Arch Institute Policies

Institute Policies

Arch Institute Policy: Summer, Semester Away, and Arch Preparation Course

All students who matriculate at Rensselaer are required to complete The Arch. This academic requirement includes completing The Arch summer semester after their 2nd year of study on campus (3rd year for B. Arch students and 1st year for Early Arch students). Students are required to create a plan of study which includes a full-time (12 credits or more) summer of on-campus coursework. Students also complete the required away semester experience in the fall or spring term following The Arch summer semester. The away semester is registered and documented on the official transcript of record. 

  • Students do not graduate without fulfilling and documenting the away semester requirement. 
  • Students who are granted an exception, receive an exception from participating in The Arch summer term only and must fulfill the away semester requirement for graduation.
  • All students, regardless of exception are registered and must complete The Arch exploration and planning course during the spring term of the 2nd year of study (3rd year for Architecture students).

Students fulfill the away semester requirement by completing one of the following Individual Learning Experiences. Academic performance is based on a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" grade and a final grade of “satisfactory” is required for graduation: 

    1. ILE Internship – semester-long experience working with an organization to gain practical, applicable, and/or off campus research experience in your field. 
    2. ILE Co-Op - a 6-8 month work assignment that allows for practical and applicable experiences in a chosen field. 
    3. ILE International Programs/Study Abroad - connect with our affiliate and non-affiliate international programs for opportunities abroad.
    4. ILE Study at Another Institution - take courses of interest at another institution of higher learning to gain further experience in industry and career goals. This option requires connection with academic advisor/HUB to ensure transfer equivalence where applicable. 
    5. ILE Research - work with RPI sponsored programs and faculty remotely to pursue innovative research experiences related to your field.
    6. ILE Civic Engagement - opportunities to work on service projects for community organizations. There is a 260-hour commitment for this option.  
    7. ILE Self-Design - design your time to focus on a personal goal/interest of choice; areas of focus could include activities that are career centric, contribute to leadership development, or other. 

Arch Semester Away Term: Campus Policy, Tuition, and Fees 

All students on their Arch away semester should make the most of their experiential learning opportunity and immerse themselves into the professional world beyond the institute. Physical campus access will not be granted to any student during their Arch away semester. Additionally, no tuition is assessed to the student account during this time.

Students on their Arch Away Semester will be able to retain their Student Health Insurance, and the fee will remain active during the away term. Students who wish to waive the Student Health Insurance for their away semester should contact Student Health Services at studenthealthcenter@rpi.edu. Likewise, any student who paid the Rensselaer Student Activity fee during the summer term and term here, will maintain access to the Rensselaer Union services online during the away term.

All students will continue to have access to online portals and virtual platforms to remain tethered to the Institute. If an away-term student needs access to a campus resource, they should do so by utilizing platforms via WebEx, RPI email, or the registered away-term course on LMS/Blackboard.  

The Arch Exploration and Planning Course

 All students, regardless of exception, are registered and expected to complete The Arch exploration and planning course (ADMIN 1030) during the spring term of the 2nd year of study (3rd year for Architecture students). This course is provided by Rensselaer’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD).

  Course Objectives:

Throughout this non-credit course, students complete a series of assignments related to their short- and long-term career development. Academic performance is based on a "satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" grade and a final grade of “satisfactory” is required to graduate. Examples of content delivered includes:

  • Away semester search strategies
  • Effective resume/cover letter writing
  • Employment correspondence
  • Virtual and in-person interviewing strategies
  • Intentionality with curricular and co-curricular experiences


Arch Exception Review Categories 

 ACADEMIC - Unable to participate in The Arch summer term due to course/academic conflict

  • Acceleration (i.e., the student is one to two semesters ahead of their cohort and has no appropriate courses to take during the summer semester; students in BS/MD and BS/PhD programs).
  • Delay in progress (i.e., the student is behind two semesters or more and has no appropriate courses to take during the summer semester).

ROTC - Unable to participate in The Arch summer term due to summer program participation requirements of the ROTC. Students complete Military training that is required for them to maintain their scholarship and good standing.

 ATHLETICS - Unable to participate in The Arch summer term due to involvement in a sport that competes in both the fall and spring semester, where the student-athlete has summer obligations in preparation for NCAA competition season. Varsity athletics programs in this category include Men’s and Women’s Hockey, Cross Country/Track and Field, Basketball, Golf, Men’s and Women Swimming and Diving)

 CAREER - Unable to participate in The Arch summer term due to an approved, secured internship/co-op at a company that does not offer opportunities in the fall or spring semester.

 (Note: Sub-categories of Transfer Students, Leave of Absence (MLOA) Students, Early Arch, or Exceptions granted may use the summer semester if approved, to fulfill the away semester requirement for graduation)


Transfer students who enter Rensselaer as sophomores (see Table I) are required to complete The Arch summer and away term. Transfer students who enter as juniors will be required to fulfill the away term requirement only. 

Table I.  The Number of Credits that Determines Class Status

  School of Architecture School of Engineering All Other Schools
Freshman 0–31 credits 0–30 credits 0–29 credits
Sophomore 32–65 credits 31–60 credits 30–59 credits
Junior 66–100 credits 61–95 credits 60–89 credits
Senior 101–134 credits 96–128 credits 90+ credits
Fifth-Year Student 135+ credits    


Summer Semester Requirements

  1. Rising Juniors are required to complete an Arch summer term and semester away term, unless given an exception from the requirement. 
  2. Students whose majors allow for a choice will be able to indicate a preference for semester away designation in SIS (See Table II). 
  3. All Academic Policies and the Student Handbook apply during The Arch summer semester and the semester away term. 


Academic Credits

  1. Students must complete the Arch Exploration and Planning course by the end of their sophomore spring semester. Please refer to your syllabus from CCPD for specifc module due dates.
  2. During The Arch summer semester, students must be enrolled throughout the 12 weeks of the summer term. The total number of credits taken must be at least 12 for the student to be considered full time.
  3. While students may not take classes at Rensselaer during their semester away, they can transfer in class credits from other universities per the transfer credit policy. 


Requesting a Leave of Absence during The Arch Summer Term

Students can request a leave of absence during their summer semester on-campus. A Leave of Absence (LOA) request requires schedule a meeting with their class dean and filling out the form in the Office for Student Success. Student will also need to complete the readmission form upon return from their leave. 

Important Implications

  1. If a student takes a LOA prior to the 2nd week of the summer term, the student will be inactive and eligible to reapply for the subsequent semester by the published deadlines.
  2. If a student takes a LOA after the 2nd week, the student will not be eligible to enroll in the subsequent term.
  3. If a student takes a LOA before their summer semester on campus, they are still required to complete the semester away term. Students should consult with their academic school about plan of study changes. 

Table II.  Listing of Term Away by Major

School of Architecture
B.Arch Fall or Spring
Building Science Fall or Spring
School of Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Fall or Spring
Biomedical Engineering Fall or Spring
Civil Engineering Fall
Chemical Engineering Fall or Spring
Computer and Systems Engineering Fall or Spring
Electrical Engineering Fall or Spring
Environmental Engineering Fall
Industrial and Systems Engineering Fall or Spring
Materials Engineering Fall
Mechanical Engineering Fall or Spring
Nuclear Engineering Spring
Lally School of Management
Business Management Fall or Spring
School of Science
Biology Fall or Spring
Biochemistry and Biophysics Fall or Spring
Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology Fall or Spring
Chemistry Spring
Computer Science Fall or Spring
Geology Fall or Spring
Hydrogeology Fall or Spring
Environmental Science Fall or Spring
Interdisciplinary Science Fall or Spring
Physics Fall or Spring
Applied Physics Fall or Spring
Information Technology and Web Science Fall or Spring
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Cognitive Science Fall or Spring
Communication Fall or Spring
Design, Innovation, and Society Fall or Spring
Economics Fall or Spring
Electronic Arts Fall or Spring
Electronic Media Fall or Spring
Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences Fall or Spring
Music Fall or Spring
Philosophy Fall or Spring
Psychology Fall or Spring
Science, Technology, and Society Fall or Spring
Sustainability Studies Fall or Spring




    Catalog and Curriculum Templates

    All students should meet with their HUB or Faculty Advisor to develop and as needed, revise their plan of study. For additonal information regarding required curriculum and timeline for completion, please see the information below:

    • Students in the class of 2021 and beyond can view their required curriculum and timeline for completion by visting the Rensselaer Catalog associated with the year they entered Rensselaer and their major. The link to the Rensselaer Catalog defaults to the current academic year. Please be sure to check the drop down menu in the upper-right corner of the page to ensure you are viewing your required curriculum as described previously. View the catalog here.
    • Students from the class of 2020 that participated in the 2018 Summer Semester Pilot II of The Arch can find their required curriculum and timeline for completion in template form here.

    Course Scheduling Resources

    • Your Advisor
    • Advising HUBS

    Note: Be sure to take The Arch summer courses in the summer and other courses during the fall and spring.

    Advising HUB Locations

    Semester Away

    Once you accept an away semester opportunity (Congratulations!), it is important that you get the experience approved by the following process:

    • All students will enter their confirmed away semester plans into SIS for processing by the relevant student service department and the student's faculty advisor.

    If you decide to take a semester off from work and school, be sure you understand the financial aid implications (visit Financial Aid) and if you are an international student, the implications for your I20 (visit International Students).


    Student Services

    Campus Living

    Summer Here

    Arch students are required to live on campus for the summer semester. If your current housing assignment is also designated as Arch housing, you can stay in the same room for the summer. Otherwise, you will be reassigned.

    For more information on the room selection process, visit Student Living and Learning.

    Semester Away

    Living On Campus During the Fall Semester

    • The regular room selection process occurs in January/February.
    • If you are away for the fall semester, but on campus for the spring, you will apply for housing early November.
    • Juniors are not required to live on campus.

    Living Off Campus 

    • If you plan on living off campus, and need to find someone to sublease your apartment. Visit JumpOffCampus to list your space for rent.
    • Once you have signed a lease, you are legally bound for the duration of that contract. Being away for a semester does not provide an “out” clause or exception to the lease.
    • If you decide to live off campus, you will be responsible for paying 12-months (unless otherwise noted in the terms of the contract) of rent payments and utilities (as applicable). Troy area landlords typically lease apartments for 12-months beginning June 1st through May 31st.  Shorter leases may be available at a higher rate per month.

    For more information, visit Student Living and Learning.

    For more information about off-campus living, contact Off Campus Commons.

    Applying for a Resident Assistant Position

    How to Apply for a Resident Assistant Position

    • Apply through the application process; There will be a rolling selection process for Fall, Spring and Summer.
    • Interviews will be held via Skype or Phone.
    • Students cannot apply for position during their semester away.
    • Positions advertised in October and February of each academic year. For more information, visit Student Living and Learning.

    Additional FAQs:

    Can I be a RA when if I am an Arch student?

    You sure can! You apply the same way as a non-Arch student would. Information found on our website.

    Do I get paid to be a RA?

    Yes! You get a housing scholarship (free room) which is applied to your bill, and you get a stipend.

    I live on campus and am participating in The Arch program. If I get the RA position do I have to move my belongings home to then move them to Arch housing a couple weeks after?

    No, we will not make you move twice! You receive an extension to leave your belongings in your room and you are then able to move into your housing assignment early for RA training before The Arch program starts.

    FAQ'S: Student Living and Learning

    If I am living in my Greek chapter house for my sophomore year, am I required to live on campus for The Arch program? 
    Yes. All students are required to live in RPI residence halls that have been designated for use during The Arch.

    Will I be able to choose my roommate(s) for The Arch program?
    The office of Student Living and Learning will try to accommodate all roommate requests.

    If I have decided to stay on campus for the fall semester (my away semester will be spring) can I stay in the same room?
    Possibly. It depends on the room location in reference to the clustering model. Also, the limited space on campus for rising juniors may facilitate your having to move off campus after the conclusion of The Arch program.

    I have a disability and require special accommodations. How would I go about obtaining a special room request?
    You would fill out a housing accommodations form that can be accessed through the Disability Services website. You should also contact the Director of Disability Services, Jaqualyn Iardella.

    Do I need to have a meal plan if I am living on campus for The Arch program?
    Yes.  All students participating in The Arch program are required to purchase a dining meal plan.

    Can I stay in the same room that I lived in for The Arch for the fall semester of my junior year? Or, during the spring semester if I am away for the fall?
    We cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain the same room. We will assign you based on room availability and upper class clustering housing.

    Will I be responsible for paying for a room for the entire academic year, or just for the semester that I reside on campus?
    You will only have to pay for your non-away semester. Please be sure to notify the office of Student Living and Learning when you are aware of the semester you are going to be away.

    Academic Advising and Student Success

    Summer Here

    Available Resources During the Summer Semester:

    • Advising HUBS
    • Advising Learning and Assistance Center
    • Tutoring (For information on one-on-one tutoring, visit ALAC)
    • Undergraduate Class Dean

    Note: Students who are Continued on Probation or Placed on Probation will receive instructions from ALAC on requirements and support programs.  

    Semester Away

    Available Resources During the Semester Away:

    • Faculty Advisors and ALAC
    • Faculty (available for SAM clearance and academic advising via email/phone/skype/in person as you register for classes)
    • HUBS
    • Academic Department
    • Undergraduate Class Dean
    Student Health Services

    Summer Here

    Student Health Resources Available

    • Health
    • Counseling
    • All other health center services available during the fall and spring semesters

    Health Insurance

    • Health insurance for the spring semester continues through August 1st.
    • Arch students do not need additional health insurance for their summer semester (the waiver or enrollment is already in place).
    • The summer health center fee is part of the summer semester charges.
    • If a student needs health insurance coverage in the summer and they waived it in the spring, they can enroll by reversing their spring semester waiver.

    Semester Away

    Students need to enroll in or waive out of the health insurance plan, effective August 1st for their away semester. This is the same process as regularly enrolled students.

    For more information, visit Student Health Services.

    Fall 2020 - Pandemic Planning

    Please see the information below regarding Juniors and Sophomores for the upcoming fall term. If you have any questions about the information listed, please contact the offices listed below, or email thearch@rpi.edu


    Arch Student Procedures - Juniors

    Students who are completing their Arch summer term, please note the following based on your current Arch status:

    1) Fall Away Term Designation: Please be advised that your fall away designation will be changed to spring away by July 24, 2020. You will be required to submit your spring away plans into SIS by November 20, 2020. If you have already secured a fall away experience you will need to complete the following, before the July 24, 2020 designation change.

    • Center for Career and Professional Development: If you have secured a Fall Away internship, co-op, civic-engagement, or off-campus research opportunity please submit your offer letter and resume to co-op@rpi.edu and log into SIS to record your Away Semester plan. The CCPD will be in touch with you via your student email account once the opportunity has been verified and approved


    (Your offer should be on company letter head or from an official company email and contain name and location of employer, start date, end date, number of hours per week you will be working, hourly rate, name of your supervisor and a brief description of the work you will be doing) to begin the registration process.  Please note that you will be enrolled in an LMS course during your away semester which will be covered in the required Away Semester Briefing found on Percipio.


    • Office of Undergraduate Education: Students who plan to pursue research, study at another institution and self-design, should connect with us via email at: oue@rpi.edu for support and direction. Specific information for these semester away options can be found on the Arch website, https://info.rpi.edu/arch/semester-away.

    2) Spring Away Term Designation: All students who were originally scheduled for a spring semester away, the deadline for submitting your plans remains November 20, 2020 prior to departure for fall break. Please be advised, that you will need to submit your semester away plans into SIS by this time. Additionally, please ensure you are registered for the fall term on-campus. If you have questions about fall registration, please contact your academic department and/or faculty advisor.

    3) Arch Exceptions: Any student who has received a formal exception from The Arch summer term is still required to adhere to the parameters set forth by the institute. Juniors will spend the fall term on campus, and spend the spring term in remote instruction. Please ensure you have planned accordingly for both terms.

    The Arch Contacts

    Arch/Student Transitions, thearch@rpi.edu

    CCPD, ccpd@rpi.edu

    OUE, oue@rpi.edu




    Arch Preparation Procedures – Sophomores

    Students who are entering the sophomore year, please be advised of the following information for your upcoming remote fall term courses. 

    Arch Discovery Day- This is an annual day of engagement that commences the beginning of the sophomore year, which provides the overview of The Arch, valuable academic insight for planning and career readiness preparation. This year, all sophomores will complete the Arch Discovery Day online modules, August 24, 2020 – August 28, 2020.  These modules will be followed by a webinar hosted by a collaborative approach of The Arch and Student Transitions, Center for Career and Professional Development, and The Office of Undergraduate Education.

    The Arch Exploration and Planning Course - To better serve the students entering the Arch in the summer of 2021, the CCPD has refined and revised the Arch Prep Course (ADMIN 1030) which will be delivered virtually during the spring of 2021. All students, even those with exceptions to the Arch requirement, are required to complete this course. With an increased focus on student engagement, skills gap development, and career planning, the course has been redesigned and will be offered by college with thoughtful input from former Arch students, employers that hire Arch students, and RPI alumni. All students will be automatically registered for the course this spring 2021.

    Academic Preparations-Students should meet/connect with their faculty advisor and/or HUB to determine the appropriate course selections for The Arch summer term 2021. The goal is always to matriculate to graduation with smooth transition. Meeting with your advisor/HUB to review your academic plan is critical. The earlier students do this, the more prepared they are for the upcoming summer term.

    The Arch Important Dates and Communications - The Arch Website houses all important dates and communications that will be applicable to your planning as a sophomore student. Please ensure you check the site regularly for updates. View Important Dates and Communications   HERE

    The Arch Mobile App via Guidebook – sophomore students will have access to The Arch at Rensselaer App via Guidebook beginning August 24, 2020. Please ensure you download The App to stay updated, view the Arch calendar, and other important resources for preparation.


    The Arch Contacts

    Arch/Student Transitions, thearch@rpi.edu

    CCPD, ccpd@rpi.edu

    OUE, oue@rpi.edu