Need Top Talent? 
Rensselaer prepares students for rewarding careers in the work world, including co-ops and internships through The Arch. The on-campus Center for Career and Professional
Development (CCPD)
 will help connect you with future professionals who are motivated and skilled.


Why Partner with Rensselaer?

The New Polytechnic
Transformative in the global impact of research, in its innovative pedagogy, and in the lives of students, The New Polytechnic is an emerging paradigm for teaching, learning, and research at Rensselaer. This unique approach enhances the professional portfolio of our future leaders.

Our employer partners rank Rensselaer among the best schools in the country to fulfill their recruiting needs.

Top of Class
Rensselaer has always been a living laboratory of collaboration, innovation, and technology. These qualities are all made manifest in our students. Over 70 percent attending Rensselaer were in the top 10 percent of their high school class, with an average GPA of 3.87 and SAT scores between 1280-1490.


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Employer Benefits

Full-time Student Availability
The shift in the academic calendar to include a summer semester at Rensselaer provides employers with the opportunity to select from a larger pool of rising juniors who are seeking full-time opportunities during their fall or spring semester.

Advanced knowledge/experience
Students participating in The Arch receive an exceptional educational experience during this pivotal time in their life. The advanced academic calendar allows them to focus on specialized skills and experiences that enhance their professional portfolio.


Do you have openings?

Our students can work for:

  • Fall (late August through December)
  • Spring (January through May) and
  • Summer (mid-May through August) 

Post the positions with us via JobLink

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Provides employers the opportunity to meet students on campus to fulfill their recruiting needs. Interview seasons - Fall: early October through late November; Spring: mid-February through late April.

  • Career Days
  • Information Sessions
  • Career Fairs

Online Recruiting
Rensselaer’s exclusive online recruiting system is available for employers to post positions, access resumes, and schedule recruiting events.


Frequently Asked Questions


    When will students be expected to participate in The Arch?

    Students in the Class of 2021 will be required to participate in The Arch program in summer 2019. For students in the Classes of 2019 and 2020, The Arch program will be optional.

    What is the timeline for students currently in the pilot program?

    Fall and Spring of First Year
    Students take courses on campus.

    Summer after First Year
    Students pursue typical summer activities 
    (work, classes, travel, etc.).

    Fall of Sophomore Year
    Students elect to participate in The Arch and prepare for internships and co-ops and other experiential learning opportunities.

    Spring of Sophomore Year
    Students continue course work and register for summer classes, and continue to prepare for internships and co-ops.

    Summer after Sophomore Year
    Students remain on campus and take junior-level course work.

    Fall and Spring of Junior Year
    Students remain on campus for course work or participate in semester away activities.

    Summer after Junior Year
    Students pursue typical summer activities. 
    (work, classes, travel, etc.)

    Fall of Senior Year
    Students can remain on campus for courses, or pursue study abroad or additional work.

    Spring of Senior Year
    Students complete courses on campus. 

    My organization only offers summer internships. How can I build a pipeline of talent?

    Students will remain available for summer internships following both their fi rst year and junior year at Rensselaer, so summer internships are still a viable option. Additionally, employers can partner with faculty on research as well as serve as guest lecturers for classes and provide input on curriculum development. Employers are encouraged to partner with the Center for Career and Professional Development to serve as sponsors and presenters of professional develop-ment programming. Employers can continue to engage students on campus by making materi-als available in print and online, and participating in information sessions and career fairs.

    What is the advantage of hiring students after they complete their semester?

    Students starting internships or co-ops after their semester will have completed first-semester junior year courses during the summer, and therefore will be more prepared to tackle discipline-specific projects during the “away” semester.

    How does The Arch impact the Co-Op program?

    The co-op program at Rensselaer will not change. Undergraduate students who partici-pate in the co-op program will continue to be required to have a work experience that spans one semester and one summer; these terms do not have to be consecutive. For example,

    • Spring-Summer Co-op (January through August);
    • Summer-Fall Co-op (June through December); or
    • Fall Co-op; Spring Classes; Summer Co-op (or similar arrangement)