Spouse/Dependent Card

Applicant for either Spouse or Dependent Campus Cards must be accompanied by his/her student, faculty, staff, or professional ROTC faculty/staff member with his/her Rensselaer Campus Card.  There is a $10 fee.

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Spouse Card

Applicants must bring a legal photo identification, such as a US Driver's License  or Passport, and a legal document that indicates their spousal relationship*

(Marriage License with official seal (verifies relationship), I-20/J2 (verifies relationship), or Rensselaer health insurance card (verifies relationship).

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Dependent Card

Applicants for Dependent Cards must be 14 -20 years of age, bring a legal photo identification, such as a US Driver's License or Passport, Employee must accompany their dependent and must have the dependent’s legal form/document that indicates a guardian and dependent relationship and date of birth*.

(* Birth certificate with parents/guardians name on it (verifies relationship), I-20/J2 (verifies relationship), Rensselaer health insurance card (verifies dependent), all types of birth certificates (verifies date of birth but may not verify parent/guardian).

Individuals age 21 to 24 only qualify if enrolled as a full-time student; must provide proof of school enrollment (example: Letter from school’s Registrars Office on official letterhead/ Enrollment Verification Certificate www.studentclearinghouse.org)