Handshake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On July 1st, RPI will be transitioning career management systems from JobLink to Handshake. We're eager for you to get into Handshake where you can build your profile, search for opportunities, schedule an appointment with your career counselor, attend events, and more! It will take us a few weeks to get everything up and running, but starting July 1st you can use Handshake to make appointments, search for opportunities, and more. We've compiled a few frequently asked questions to guide you. 

How is Handshake different than JobLink? 
They are both helpful career management systems that allow you to search for jobs/internships, schedule meetings with your career counselor, attend employer events and career workshops, etc.  Handshake is unique in that employers have opportunities to post opportunities more broadly to students at different universities. This means more of a variety in opportunities for you! 

What do I do before logging into Handshake? 

You'll want to make sure all of your documents or any information you'd like to keep from JobLInk are saved onto a personal computer. We will not have access to them on  or after July 1st. 


How do I log into Handshake on July 1st? 

You can visit Handshake here: https://app.joinhandshake.com/login and login with your RCS User ID. 


What do I do when I log in? 

After you've logged in for the first time Handshake will ask you questions about your preferences, interests, and industries: do not skip this section! This helps us communicate with you when we see opportunities that might align with your interests and skill-sets. 

You'll want to fully complete your profile, including profile photo, experience, education, skills, clubs and activities, and more. Handshake indicates that 80% of students who have a complete profile are contacted by a recruiter. If you're looking for guidance on how to make a stand-out profile, connect with your career counselor on Handshake. 

Here are some resources from Handshake to help you get started: 

Get Started on Your Handshake Profile

3 Must Haves On Your Handshake Profile

Will I still have access to Career Shift?

Yes! You'll now find information about Career Shift under the student resources tab. 


Why aren't there a lot of job opportunities right now?

Our employer partners are currently either activating their Handshake accounts or connecting their existing account with us. Job opportunities will continue to grow in the following weeks.  


How do I make an appointment with my Career Counselor on Handshake? 

Step 1: Click the "Career Center" option at the top right of the Handshake main page

Step 2: On the new page you'll see a box at the top that says "Appointments", click that!

Step 3: At the top left, you'll see an option to schedule a new appointment. This dashboard allows you to see past appointments and make changes to upcoming appointments. 


Who do I contact with further questions? 

You can e-mail the CCPD at CCPD@rpi.edu with any Handshake questions or technical difficulties.