Counselors are available to all students throughout the year through individual appointments, daily walk-in hours and programs. 


Undergraduate & Graduate


JobLink is the CCPD’s online recruiting and job posting system. JobLink enables current Rensselaer students and recent alumni to:

  • Make an appointment
  • Search for open job postings including internships for the summer or semester, co-ops, and full-time openings, 24/7
  • Request on-campus interviews in the fall and spring semesters
  • Upload a “primary resume” to be included in the CCPD’s Resume Book
  • Store up to 10 documents including resumes, cover letters, and unofficial transcripts
  • Explore the Calendar of Events (Employer Information Session, CCPD Programs/Workshops...)

Log into your account today: Student Login Page

Helpful Resources:

Internships & Co-op's

What's the Difference?

The biggest difference between internships and co-ops are the length of time and salary. Typically, internships last about three months and while should always be paid, might offer compensation in another form. Before accepting an unpaid internship at a “for-profit” employer, students should carefully review the US Department of Labor's Criteria for Unpaid Interns. A co-op is a full time, paid experience related to your major/field of study that lasts a minimum of six months and upwards of eight months.


Co-op at Rensselaer

Undergraduates must have completed their freshman year and have at least a 2.0 GPA to be eligible. In addition, undergraduates must work a semester and a summer; work tours may be back to back, separated by a term of study and can be at multiple employers. When you register co-op with the CCPD, your records must show that you will have at least 12 credits remaining in your academic program. Graduate students are allowed to co-op either a semester or a summer.

There are two co-op options — full-time co-op and parallel co-op.  

  • Students on full-time co-op work full time for an employer recognized by the Co-op program as able to provide the student with a work experience that will reinforce career objectives.
  • parallel co-op is usually worked locally and is comparable to a part-time job.  Parallel co-op students generally enroll for two or three courses (but no more than 12 credits) while on co-op.

A benefit of the co-op program is that you maintain your full-time student status while you are away, meaning everything at Rensselaer gets placed on "pause". You do not pay tuition while on a full-time co-op; the only fees you could incur are the Student Activity fee, Student Health Center fee and maintaining your health insurance. If you live within 25 miles of campus, you will automatically be charged the Student Activity fee, Student Health Center fee and may use these facilities as though you were taking classes. If you are more than 25 miles from the college, the Student Activity Fee and Student Health Center fee is not charged. In terms of major medical insurance, you have the option of taking the insurance through your family or signing up for the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance policy (this must be done by September 15 each year!).


Co-op and International Students

Declaring your work experience as a co-op with the CCPD is the only way to utilize Curricular Practical Training (CPT) time allowed by your Visa. If your work experience does not fall within the requirements of co-op, you may apply for Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) through the International Services for Students and Scholars Office (ISSS). This process can take over 90 days to complete and requires a fee to apply. More information regarding your legal ability to work in the United States can be found on the ISSS website

International Students during their Arch Away Semester only are allowed to have a semester only internship experience.


Co-op Process

Once you have an official offer – take note of the next steps:

  • Forward a copy of official offer letter and your resume to
  • Attend a required co-op briefing – dates are listed in JobLink under “Events” and then under “Workshops”
  • Please read the Co-op Guide as part of your registration process.

To maintain your student status, you will have to register your co-op with the CCPD. Your offer letter must be on company letterhead or from an official company email and must contain:

  • Start date and end date
  • Your rate of pay
  • Description of the work you will be doing.

At your briefing, you will get the paperwork needed to begin the registration process. Your co-op is first approved by our office – and then approved by your academic advisor. Once your paperwork has been turned into our office, we will register you for your co-op. If you have any questions, contact Dawn Cairns-Weaver, Director of the Co-op Program, at

Please note:

  • Graduate student co-op approval process includes approval from your GPD as well as OGE.
  • International students required approval from ISSS.
The Arch Semester Away Experiences

The CCPD is here to support your search for Arch Semester Away Experiences through our existing programs and services.

We will register you for:

  • Co-ops
  • Paid Internships
  • Unpaid Internships
  • Civic Engagement Experiences

The Registration Process Handout (link coming soon) includes details on information necessary to complete your registration. If you have any questions as to what your experience might qualify as, please make an appointment through JobLink. Details on what experiences are available to you can be found on the Arch Website.

Freshmen Career Compass

The Freshman Career Compass programs presented by the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) and General Electric (GE) is your first step to career-readiness and exploration! We will cover topics that range from getting your high school resume Rensselaer ready to confidently attending your first career fair. 

Freshman Year: Focus on Self-Awareness
• Comprehension of major
• Developing oral/written communication skills
• Identifying professional skills

Visit the JobLink Calendar of Events to see all of the programs scheduled for this year!

Sophomore Career Experience

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) is pleased to invite you to become a member of our national award-winning Sophomore Career Experience (SCE). This program is designed to cultivate the career development knowledge and skills of Sophomores, providing you with a competitive employment advantage as you move into your junior year.

SCE’s strength is the collaborative sponsorship between Rensselaer and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Over the course of the academic year, the Center for Career and Professional Development and its corporate partners will present major events that will be informative, fun, and most of all will develop and sharpen your job search and professional skills.

Program Guidelines & Benefits of Participation:

  • The Sophomore Career Experience (SCE) is a “Sophomores Only” program; special events are presented by top recruiting employers and organizations.
  • Our programs help you expand on career awareness through:
    • Problem-solving and teamwork skills
    • Recognizing areas of opportunities
    • Engaging with experts
  • Have your resume critiqued in the CCPD and pick up a free SCE Padfolio at the CCPD Reception Desk while supplies last!
  • SCE is a proud recipient of the NACE Excellence Award.

Visit the JobLink Calendar of Events to see all of the programs scheduled for this year!

Graduate Students

Programming is developed specifically for Graduate Students to assist students on:

  • Planning throughout their program to identify and successfully achieve career goals
  • Acquire the skills necessary to attain career goals through, while developing the resiliency to make important life decisions
  • Attain high standards of professionalism in employment, research, and teaching

Visit the JobLink Calendar of Events to see all of the programs scheduled for this year!



The Center for Career and Professional Development, in conjunction with the Office of Alumni Relations, is pleased to offer you an array of services. Everything from assisting you in your own job search, to helping you find out how you can hire Rensselaer students, to learning how you can become an Alumni volunteer! If you are looking to change jobs, consider registering with the CCPD on JobLink, our online job posting service. You'll find a range of job listings posted by employers seeking to hire new graduates and professionals. Another resource for experienced alumni seeking a change of employment is RPI

Please read our Alumni On-Campus Recruiting Policy and Alumni Services & Fees listed below to determine eligibility before requesting access.

Interested in helping the CCPD develop more job opportunities? Complete the Recruit at Rensselaer form.

Alumni Services & Fees

Alumni Services and Fees

Please carefully review the following alumni services and fees to determine how we may best help meet your job search needs. Note these fees are based on an annual basis. All student and recent alumni JobLink accounts are disabled in late August. Be sure to keep copies of all of your important job search documents, including your resume. To gain access to JobLink, please read the information listed below and then complete and submit the Alumni Profile Request Form.


JobLink's primary features are the Job Postings derived from multiple sources and the On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) System.


Graduated from Rensselaer within the last 12 months On-Campus Recruiting; Career Counseling; Resume Critiques; Access to Job Postings Alumni Profile Request Form - please complete and return this form to gain access to JobLink. Read/Agree to the CCPD Registration Agreement and OCR Policies; Post one copy of your Resume online.



Graduated from Rensselaer more than 12 months ago JobLink Open Job Postings Only (12 months) $25.00 Alumni Profile Request Form - please complete and return this form along with your payment to gain access to JobLink. Read/Agree to the CCPD Registration Agreement.


Resume Critiques (Limited to Recent Alumni Only)
Recent alumni (graduated within the last 12 months) may have their resume professionally critiqued by a career counselor in the Center for Career and Professional Development. To have a resume critiqued, please make an appointment through your JobLink account.


Career Counseling
Career Counseling is available to recent alumni and is intended to assist recent graduates in clarifying employment goals, setting career directions and discussing career-related issues.

To schedule a Career Counseling appointment, please log into JobLink. Please indicate in the special instructions section if this will be an in-person meeting or a phone appointment. If you select the phone appointment option, please call the CCPD on the day of your appointment at (518) 276-6234.

Alumni On-Campus Recruiting Policy

On-Campus Recruiting Policy for Alumni

Full participation in On-Campus Recruiting is reserved for current Rensselaer students who are within two semesters of graduation from Rensselaer.  Full participation is defined as applying directly for "On-Campus Interviews" and having access to Job Postings as part of the JobLink on-line system.

Eligibility for Recent Alumni 

Recent alumni, or those individuals who have graduated from Rensselaer within the last 12 months, may register with the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) by requesting access through the Alumni JobLink Registration Form.

  • NOTE TO RECENT GRADS: All JobLink Profiles are re-set prior to the start of classes each fall. Therefore, you must request to renew your JobLink account if you wish to use JobLink after graduation. Please provide the CCPD with a email address prior to graduation.

Once Registered, Recent Alumni May:

  • Use all of the services available to current students for 12 months after graduation.
    Please Note: failure to show up for a scheduled On-Campus Interview will result in the loss of this service.

Eligibility for Experienced Alumni

Experienced alumni are those individuals who graduated from Rensselaer more than 12 months ago. Experienced alumni are not eligible to participate in On-Campus Recruiting.  Please refer to our Alumni Services and Fees. Once a JobLink account is activated, experienced Rensselaer alumni may:

  • View and apply for open jobs posted under the Job Postings tab found on their JobLink Dashboard.
  • Access limited JobLink services, with the exception of On-Campus Recruiting.

Gaining Access to JobLink:

PLEASE NOTE: All alumni must request access to JobLink by initially completing the Alumni JobLink Registration Form.

It may take up to 48 business hours to process your request after receiving payment. Your RIN will be seeded into the database and you will be given instructions on how to access JobLink.

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Parents & Families

We're pleased to have you visit our site and learn about the many career-related programs and services available to your son/daughter during their time at Rensselaer. Here in the CCPD, we believe that you play an important role in helping to define and shape your son or daughter's future and in helping him/her achieve their dreams. You are also often the very first person your son or daughter will turn to for advice or ask career questions like:

  • What should I major in?
  • What can I do with a major in....?
  • What industries could I work for?
  • Where could I find a co-op job?
  • Do you think I can switch my major?

Helping to provide answers to these questions is where we come in. We will work to help your son/daughter develop life-long career management skills, but we'll need a little help from you. Please encourage your son or daughter to take full advantage of the many workshops held each semester on a wide range of topics. In addition, our Calendar of Events is the place to look for CCPD events, including the CCPD spring career fair, workshops, special events, and seminars. When your son or daughter has a question or needs help with their resume or job search, one of our career counselors is available Monday through Friday during Walk-in Hours or appointments can also be scheduled using JobLink. JobLink is also the resource they will use to take full advantage of on-campus recruiting activities (interviewing for summer, co-op, and full-time job opportunities).

Still looking for more information? Check out our Career Navigator Handout Series and Parent Checklist which provides specific career information on everything from writing a resume to finding an internship and so much more!

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Future Plans Survey

Graduating Students: please fill out the Future Plans Survey when you have confirmed your post-graduation plans. This data is kept strictly confidential and is used to report aggregate summary information in the CCPD Annual Report.

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