Spring 2023 Textbook Adoption

Attention, instructors – Your Spring 2023 course material requests to the Rensselaer Collegiate Store are already past due!  If you still need to submit your material requests, please do so right away through the Follett Discover module, which is located within Rensselaer's Learning Management System (LMS). This module is the preferred method for submitting course adoptions.

This downloadable PDF contains instructions on how to use the Follett Discover module.     (A course shell is not required to use the Follett Discover module. You can use the Follett Discover module to         submit course material requests even if you are not actively using the LMS for your course(s).

Please see the Faculty Resources section on our information page for additional faculty support.

If you have any questions or are unable to submit your request through the Follett Discover Module, please notify us by email .

If you will not require materials from the Collegiate Store, please also communicate this so that we may properly update the status of those course(s)/section(s).

If you would like to use the same course materials you used a previous semester, or which were used by a different instructor, please let us know which semester and/or which instructor.

The timeliness of your response is paramount to ensure the store has sufficient time to seek, obtain, and offer the best possible prices for course materials to our students, including a larger selection of used, rentable, and digital materials.



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Downloadable PDF

Faculty Resources

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