Finance and Administrative Support Site – Now Live for Payroll

As previously announced, the Divisions of Finance and Administration implemented a new helpdesk platform on November 3rd for questions relating to Travel & Expense, Procurement Support, and Accounts Payable. The support site is now also available for Payroll! Requests can be submitted for any of the following topics: Supplemental Pay, Tax Withholding Elections, Direct Deposit, PTO Questions, Labor Redistributions, International Employee Questions, Self-Service Issues, Year End Tax Information, Time Sheets, Paycheck Questions, ETF’s, and Parking Deductions. The new site will replace our current email process for submitting support requests to Going forward, log in and submit a request through the new Finance and Administrative Support site. You will also find announcements, additional information, and links to all of the support area’s information and web sites.  The support link can be found on the main page of the Finance website.