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Office of Multicultural Programs

The Office of Multicultural Programs oversees various programs and initiatives within the Division of Student Life in order to create a more inclusive campus environment. Some of these programs are designed to educate the larger campus community about the knowledge, skills, and attitude that make for a culturally vibrant institute, while others are designed to support the various underrepresented and under-resourced student groups to succeed and thrive at Rensselaer.


Message from the Director

Creating a new kind of scholar, leader and professional requires that our students have the capacity to engage with people from all races, classes, creeds, and nationalities in a meaningful way. When we hear each other’s stories, learn the nuances of the various identities and begin to imagine a new world where all individuals are cherished and all humanity is valued we truly start changing the world.

As a part of the Rensselaer community I invite you hear what someone who looks and sounds different from you has to say, and in turn share your own ideas, values, and stories. At Rensselaer, we are committed to creating spaces where our students can be their full and authentic selves and build a community where we each take responsibility for the others’ safety and success.


Resources for Underrepresented Students

Rensselaer is committed to the success of our underrepresented students. There are several staff members throughout the Division of Student Life and across the institute who are dedicated to advocating for our students.

Tracy Boswell

Office of Multicultural Programs


  • Strategy for the Division of Student Life's diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Developing curriculum and training on diversity and inclusion related topics
  • Signature diversity-related programs
  • Paul B. Zuber Award
Sherry Gunn

Assistant Dean for URM Students


  • Academic performance support for URM students
  • Study skills/college skills development
  • BRIDGE Scholars program
  • Garnett D. Baltimore Research Award


Dr. Miciah Yehudah, Ph.d.

Assistant Director for Student Activities


  • Advising identity-based student organizations
  • Rensselaer Union programming
  • Brave Space
Kristine Guzman

Assistant Dean for Intervention Support


  • Chairperson for the Bias Incident Response Team (BART)
  • Response coordination for bias incidents
  • Behavior/Conduct case management
Larry Hardy

Director, Human Resources


  • Title IX Investigator
  • Sexual Misconduct complaints
  • Equal Employment Opportunities/Affirmative Action compliance
Ulysses DeArmas

Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions


  • Undergraduate admissions counseling 
  • STAR (Science, Technology and the Arts @ Rensselaer) Program
Kishmar Best

Associate Director, Graduate Admissions


  • Graduate admissions counseling
  • EDGE (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) program

Division of Student Life Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The charge of the Student Life Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall be to oversee the execution of the diversity and inclusion efforts outlined in the Division of Student Life Performance Plan.

Furthermore, it shall be the responsibility of the committee to make recommendations to the Division of Student Life Leadership Team regarding matters related to diversity and inclusion such as future divisional priorities, internal and external communications, crisis response (when relevant), student life policies and procedures, assessment and program development.

The Student Life Diversity and Inclusion Committee shall also serve as a resource for division-wide efforts to advance the institution’s agenda of achieving multicultural sophistication. To that end the committee shall serve as a vetting organization to evaluate division-wide efforts to ascertain appropriateness, messaging, adherence to prescribed learning outcomes, and hold the division accountable to its commitments.


Ongoing Project and Initiatives

In our continued effort to make Rensselaer a more diverse and inclusive institute where all of our students can succeed and thrive, the Office of Multicultural Programs in collaboration with various other departments and offices around campus are working on a variety of projects.

While some of these projects have been designed and executed others are in various stages of design and implementation. Please check back on this page to see how programs of interest to you are advancing.

You are always welcome to contact the Office of Multicultural Programs with questions or concerns you might have.

Building a Cultural Nexus

The second annual “Building a Cultural Nexus” was designed an executed on September 14, 2018, at Pat’s Barn. Underrepresented minority students, faculty, staff and allies came together to enjoy an evening of companionship and do the work of creating a community.

Based on the feedback received we will continue to improve this event in the future.

Cultural Nexus: Leading Toward Inclusion took place on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. at The Troy Kitchen.