The Fulbright US Student Program provides grants for research, study, or English Teaching Assistantships abroad. Some countries provide opportunities to obtain a complete graduate degree. Applicants must have attained a bachelor's degree before any grant begins, and candidates remain eligible until a doctorate is earned. There is a separate program, Fulbright Scholars, for post-doctoral candidates. US citizenship is required.

Each country has a different number of grants, requirements, and preferred candidate profiles. Review the country pages for more details, and the grantee and application statistics for a recent history on the competitiveness of the country/grant you're interested in. Upcoming and pre-recorded webinars are a great way to get an overview of the program, as is the Fulbright blog. Your Fulbright Program Advisor is available to support you through the entire application process. Please be aware there is a requirement for an internal RPI committee interview prior to the national deadline. This is intended to provide support to the candidate. See Deadlines below for more information.

SUPER TIP: Click on the embassy link for the award you are interested in. Each country provides unique information about their programs and candidate requirements. Your application should reflect knowledge of these requirements. 

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Study/Research Awards

What if you could go anywhere, and study anything—what would you do? Fulbright Study/Research awards allow students to design and conduct their own research projects or pursue coursework while engaging in a meaningful cultural exchange.

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English Teaching Assistantships

If you have a passion for people, an adventurous spirit, and practical classroom skills (or a desire to learn them), a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship could be the perfect fit. ETA placements vary from small rural classrooms to urban universities. The strongest candidates will be able to make a compelling case for why they are applying the specific country they've chosen.

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Advanced Degrees Abroad

A variety of graduate level awards are available abroad, including but not limited to:

  • Masters in Public Policy in Australia
  • Masters in Creative Industrial Design OR Energy Engineering in Tawain
  • Masters in many fields in Israel
  • Architecure study in Milano Italy

Search through the various opportunities under applicants/award types on the Fulbright site. 



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Rensselaer students and alumnae are strongly encouraged to utilize the campus process for application to Fulbright programs.  The internal process includes an on-campus interview which is designed to assist you in strengthening your application materials. To ensure all students have access to the process in a timely manner, we have established the following deadlines:

Notification deadline   August 15th, 2021 Students who do not meet this deadline will not be guarenteed a campus interview, but will still receive assistance from the Fulbright Program Advisor. Email madige@rpi.edu

Campus deadline: September 9th, 2021 Students should submit full application to https://us.fulbrightonline.org/ by this deadline to facilitate campus review.

Final Fulbright deadline: October 12th, 2021 5:00pm -  Applications will not be accepted late, NO exceptions.

Students are encouraged to discuss their applications with the Fulbright Program Advisor regardless of whether or not they choose to use the campus review process.