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Opportunities for external graduate funding take many forms, from full fellowships to research and travel grants.

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Fellowship Databases

Evaluating the appropriateness of a fellowship program is a critical part of the application process. Candidates must determine if they are a good match for programs they are exploring. See the Fellowship 101 video series for information on selecting appropriate funding opportunities.

There are a number of successful strategies for finding appropriate funding:

First: See the Prestigious Fellowships section below to explore major fellowships that RPI students often pursue and receive.

Second: Explore the amazing search tools created by other universities, especially STEM colleges. Filters are particularly strong at the following resources:

Third: Investigate the professional organizations associated with your discipline. They often fund fellowships and awards, including for international students.

Finally: The Fellowship Advisor will be available in AUGUST 2020 and has additional resources not available to the general public. Make an appointment by emailing  We can also help you with the application process from selection to constructing strong application packages.

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Prestigious Fellowships

There are a number of large fellowship opportunities available to new, early-stage, and dissertation stage graduate students. The Prestigious Fellowships list below contains the following information for more than 30 funding opportunities:

discipline, award information, citizenships requirement, academic profile (what stage of academic career and GPA requirement if any), and due date by month.

Consider beginning to prepare for an application at least two months before the due date. This will give you enough time to collect, create, and revise the materials required for a strong application.

Additionally, HASS students are encouraged to explore the HASS supplemental document below.  The information compiled by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council includes many funding sources for projects that do not limit the awards to a geographical area.

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International Student Resources

RPI is committed to finding external funding opportunities for International Students. An extensive database for interational students may be viewed HERE. Another site with tremendous amounts of information is Immigrants Rising.

Below are two extensive lists developed by the RPI fellowship advisor.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Education if you need any assistance understanding the solicitations or requests for proposals.