Graduate Education

                                           Welcome to the Office of Graduate Education!

The Office of Graduate Education is available for walk-ins; however, in an effort to keep students, staff, and faculty safe, the preferred means of communication is email or WebEx meetings.  Staff remain available to answer questions, process any requests or forms submitted.

For specific questions or concerns please contact the following:

Gina Mastromarchi: 518-276-2347 ( ALL PhD transactions for Engineering and Architecture (BMED PhD and MS/M.Eng) MS and PhD transactions for IT, HASS, and MGMT   

Steven Atkinson: 518-276-3753 ( ALL transactions for Co-Terminal students for all Schools plus Engineering and Architecture MS/M.Eng                              

Betty Madigan: 518-276-3048 ( ALL external fellowships

Jennifer Mullet: 518-276-8433 ( ALL CPT, F-1 Requests, Co-op Work Requests, OPT Requests, J-1 Requests, inquiries regarding TA Training, ADMN 6800, COMM 1960, and connection to ombudsman services. Jennifer Mullet is also the point of contact for those who need to schedule and appointment to speak with or meet with Dean Dunn.

Please note: the Office of Graduate Education allows for oral exams (Candidacy, Thesis and Dissertation Defenses) to be conducted by WebEx or in person based on the Rensselaer COVID policy for gatherings. Electronic signatures will be accepted for all forms including the Thesis Oral Presentation and Record of Dissertation Examination Forms. 

For all other inquires: Please contact Ajuba Jones at 518-276-6488 or at If you cannot email transactions, please fax them to 518-276-2256.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to serving you!