Faculty Advising Resources

Members of the Rensselaer faculty aspire to

  • Cultivate excellence in every graduate student
  • Foster a collaborative, collegial environment that encourages a variety of perspectives
  • Offer informed advising on academic and professional trajectories consistent with degree requirements and students’ goals
  • Reinforce the Institute’s expectations for ethical conduct in research and academic integrity
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities to encourage leadership, effective communication, and career exploration
  • Connect students with relevant campus resources, and if necessary seek input and assistance from Institute partners such as the graduate ombudsperson, Rensselaer Counseling Center, and dean of the graduate experience
  • Enhance the educational value of research and teaching assistantships for students under their supervision
  • Maintain objectivity in academic and research evaluations and communicate progress regularly in a fair, direct manner
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Student-Advisor Expectation Scales

Making expectations explicit, and having regular conversations about expectations, helps to minimize misunderstandings. This tool can provide a basis for conversations between students and advisors to align their expectations.

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Mentoring Guides

Mentoring: A Guide for Faculty. University of Washington Graduate School.

Mentoring Graduate Students Across Cultures. The University of Western Ontario Teaching Support Centre.