HASS Inquiry courses are designed to give you the opportunity for meaningful interaction with your instructors through seminar-style discussion sections, Community Read discussions, and forums for dialogue and debate. Many HASS Inquiry courses act as introductory courses to the Integrative Pathways

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Areas of Focus

Central to our curriculum is a teaching philosophy that utilizes engaged learning strategies to add depth to a student’s awareness about themselves and the world. Our primary areas of pedagogic focus include the following:

  • Critical Thinking and Critical Wisdom
  • Writing and Communications
  • Personal Instructional Attention
  • Teamwork and Group Work
  • Community Building and Awareness
  • A Focus on Diversity
  • Effective Use of Instructional Technology


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Ask Questions. Seek Answers.

Here's just a sample of the types of questions you'll explore through HASS Inquiry:

  • Can we create Artificial Intelligence with human-level intelligence?
  • Are some ways of acting and living more ethically justifiable than others?
  • How much human enhancement is compatible will still being human?
  • What are the politics of display, technology, design, architecture, and performance?
  • Are humans vastly intellectually superior to nonhuman animals?
  • Why do seemingly good people do bad things?
  • What is “bad” science?
  • What is a post-factual reality?
  • Where do my ideas come from and who owns them?
  • How does the practice and appreciation of music affect you?
  • What are the origins of human rights in the U.S. and the world?