Eligibility, Ordering and Paying


All incoming and current Rensselaer students in good standing, including graduate students, may participate in the Mobile Computing Program.  Students are eligible and may elect to participate in the Mobile Computing Program a maximum of once per academic year.


Laptop orders are placed through the Student Information System (SIS) using your nine-digit Rensselaer ID Number (RIN) and your PIN.  The primary order window for students starting in Spring 2021 will be November 15th through November 30th.  We ask students to order during this time to ensure we are able to anticipate, order and recieve sufficient quantity for distribution before classes begin.  We will still accept orders after the primary order window and throughout the academic year, but it's possible there will be a short delay in fullfillment if we are awaiting additional orders from the suppliers.  


For orders placed in the summer, the cost of the laptop package you select will be added to your regular student bill for September.  For laptops ordered throughout the academic year, the cost will be billed to your regular student bill during the semester you recieve the laptop.  If you received a laptop award, this amount will be deducted from the MCP package cost and will be visible during ordering.