Program Benefits and Support Resources

The support you receive via the Mobile Computing Program is intended to minimize any impact to your course of study at Rensselaer and comes pre-configured with on-campus hardware and software support and repair, as well as the availability of loaner laptops during repair.

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Great Laptop Hardware

All Mobile Computing Program laptops are enterprise-grade and selected from the most reputable suppliers after thorough evaluation and testing. 


MCP laptops come with a manufacturer's warranty and hardware repair services are offered on campus by certified technicians.  In addition, since it's a manufacturer's warranty, you're free to seek support from the manufacturer directly. 

Accidental Damage Protection

MCP laptops come with manufacturer's accidental damage protection which is intended to cover repairs in the case of accidental damage.  Keep in mind there are limitations and this does not cover theft or loss.

Loaner Pool

In the event that your MCP laptop requires extended repairs, a pool of loaner laptops is available so that participants may continue their course work uninterrupted during repair.

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Each Mobile Computing Purchase comes with a custom Rensselaer backpack.