Carousel Digital Signage

Carousel is a digital signage solution that is available on the Rensselaer Television Network.

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Channel Assignment and Specific Function/Content

  • 80-1     Student Channel
  • 80-2     News & Information
  • 81-1     Campus Bulletin Board
  • 81-2     Human Resources
  • 82-1     ISE
  • 82-1     CII
  • 83-1     ENG TV
  • 83-2     Athletics
  • 84-1     CIO TV
  • 84-2     CCPD
  • 85-1     IA
  • 85-2     MMS

The items in Bold are available for posting in a normal capacity, the others can be requested, but are subject to review prior to airing.

Quick Links

Design Specifications

Slides can easily be created in PowerPoint, the only thing to remember is that we are broadcasting in High Definition, so use a PPT template that has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

If you are using a graphics program such as Photoshop, design for 1920 x1080 resolution (125DPI).

Carousel will accept JPEG or PNG file formats.