AV Recharge Policy

Multimedia Services provides audio, visual, and related support for classroom activities, conferences, and other events.  The services are provided without additional charge to the sponsoring department or unit, with a few exceptions as follows:

1.  Events requiring staff time beyond what is needed for delivery and setup during normal business hours

  • Staff required to be onsite during the event
  • Staffing needed beyond typical delivery and setup
  • Delivery and setup outside normal business hours
    (for other than Registrar-scheduled classes)

2.  Events requiring third-party materials, equipment, or services

  • Consumables
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Outside contractor(s)

3.  Events charging a fee for attendance

  • Events to which there is a charge for admission
  • Events that are a part of a larger activity for which a fee is collected
  • Events where costs may be subsidized all or in part by third parties

4.  Events sponsored by off-campus entities other than Rensselaer-officially recognized charitable organizations

For items 1 and 2 as noted above, Multimedia Services will pass the incremental costs on to the event sponsor. For items 3 and 4, Multimedia Services will impose a charge for the full set of materials, equipment, and services provided for the event.

To receive an estimate of charges for your event, fill out one of the Request Forms.

Video Release Form

PDF of the Video Release Form


Multimedia Services' capacity is not unbounded.  Thus, it reserves the right to limit the equipment and services provided based on the availability of resources, necessity of the resource, and the priority of the event.