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Fax: 518-276-2112
Mailstop: Acadmy 2nd Fl
4600 Academy Hall
110 8th Street Troy NY 12180 US

Offices and Resources

'87 Gymnasium 518-276-8824
Academic Planning and Scheduling Services
Academic Registration and Records Services
Administration 518-276-6505
Alumni Sports & Recreation Center (Armory) 518-276-8038
Archer Center for Student Leadership Development 518-276-2119
Armory Cage 518-276-8038
Athletics Department 518-276-6685
Auto Hobby Shop 518-276-6653
Ben & Jerry's 518-276-8971
Bookstore 518-276-6555
Campus Experience 518-276-6266
Campus Unisex (Barbershop) 518-274-4732
Career Development
Center for Career and Professional Development 518-276-6234
Chaplains Office 518-276-6518
Class Deans
Clubhouse Pub 518-276-4792
Compliance and Articulation
Counseling Services 518-276-6479
Degree Progression and Clearance
Disability Services 518-276-6266
Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education 518-276-6234
External and Employer Relations
Father's Market Place 518-276-8605
First-Year Experience 518-276-6864
Games Area 518-276-6505
Graduate Council 518-276-4085
Graduate Dean
Greek Life Commons
Health Promotion
Health Services
International Services for Students and Scholars 518-276-4966
Lost and Found (APO) 518-276-6516
Minority Student Affairs 518-276-6272
Model Railroad 518-276-2971
Mueller Center
Multicultural Programs
Off Campus Commons
Pizza and Sub Shop 518-276-6782
Polytechnic (Newspaper) 518-276-6770
Public Fax 518-276-6505
Registrar 518-276-6231
Registrar 518-276-6231
Religious Affairs 518-276-6518
Rensselaer Union 518-276-6505
Rensselaer Union Operations
Residential Commons
Robison Pool 518-276-2642
Room Reservation 518-276-6505
Safe RIde
Scheduling Office (Classroom) 518-276-6655
Ski Club 518-276-6651
Sports Medicine
Student Activities 518-276-6505
Student Activities
Student Government 518-276-6513
Student Health and Wellness 518-276-6287
Student Life 518-276-6201
Student Living and Learning 518-276-6284
Student Rights, Responsibilites and Judicial Affairs 518-276-6266
Student Support and Resources Centers
Student Transitions
The Arch and Student Transitions
Underrepresented Student Success
Veteran and Military Services


Djafer Sebkhaoui Religous Affairs Associate 518-276-6518
Boulos Tony Abdallah Career Counselor
Jacqueline M. Bond Operations Associate 518-276-6287
Steven M. Allard Director, Mueller Center 518-276-2874
Keith J. Anderson Psychologist 518-276-6479
Travis T Apgar Asst. VP and Dean of Students 518-276-6266
Robert F. Barbieri Asst. Coach, Football 518-276-6011
Kevin G. Beattie Assoc. Athletic Director 518-276-2187
Kathryn Paradise Athletics Compliance Spec. 518-276-3988
Christine M Allard Assoc. Director, Archer Center 518-276-2119
Bonnie Bornt Departmental Insurance Rep 518-276-2997
Tracy L. Boswell AVP, SSRC 518-276-6259
James Roger Bradbury Asst. Director, Mueller Center
Adrianna L. Bradt Director, Judicial Affairs 518-276-6266
Philip Bruce Director, CCPD 518-276-6234
Emilie Buse Assistant Director, ISSS 518-276-4966
Dawn Cairns-Weaver Associate Director 518-276-6234
Joseph A Campo Associate Director, Operations 518-276-6513
Erika M. Cary Assoc. Director, Career Dev 518-276-8233
Marc Christian Cavosie Asst. Coach, Women's Hockey 518-276-3989
Anita S. Chu Director, Counseling Center 518-276-6479
Adam C. Clinton Head Coach, Men's Soccer 518-276-6563
Tara Elizabeth Connolly Asst. Coach, Women's Hockey 518-276-3795
Maria T. Coomaraswamy-Falkenstein Head Coach, Diving 518-276-4954
Amy Elizabeth Corron Assoc. Director/Lecturer 518-276-2288
Debra M. Demarest Operations Assistant 518-276-8605
Lindsay Dembner Career Counselor
Jeff Dittman Asst. Coach, Football 518-276-6193
Suzanne Dunn Customer Support Analyst 518-276-6644
Sachiko E. Vines Director, Marketing&Promotions 518-276-4855
Margarita R. Farley Physician 518-276-6287
Janelle P. Fayette Dean, First Year Experience 518-276-6864
Jade Mercedes Felder Director, Arch, Exp, & Trans. 518-276-6655
Lori Ann Flynn Career Development Specialist
Maria Roberts Assoc. Dean, FYE 518-276-6864
Jessica L. Freer Registered Nurse 518-276-6287
Kenneth L. Fryer Asst. Coach, Men's Soccer 518-276-8410
Robert Garofallou-Hogan Assistant Registrar 518-276-8478
Kaylyn Danielle Getwright Operations Specialist 518-276-4966
Mark Timothy Gilbride Head Coach, Men's Basketball 518-276-8624
Keith Michael Glasser Head Coach, Baseball 518-276-6185
Monique Christine Gleason Communications Specialist, Sr. 518-276-3077
Trevor A. Goldstein Asst. Strength & Cond. Coach
Claire Gonyo Class Dean
John Greene Head Coach, Women's Basketball 518-276-8037
Glen R Gross Assoc. Director/Lecturer 518-276-2119
Sherry Gunn Asst. Dean, Student Succ.,URM
Lorna J. Guyett Psychologist 518-276-6479
Kristine A. Guzman Asst. Dean, Intervention Supp. 518-276-6266
Scott William Hackett-Dalgliesh Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse 518-276-6181
Karen Hansen Assoc. Director, Athletics 518-276-6264
Susan Victoria Henry Asst. Director/Lecturer 518-276-2119
Kimberly F. Herkert Associate Registrar 518-276-6232
Christopher Scott Herrmann Asst. Athletic Trainer 518-276-2884
Amy Lynn Hettrich Physician Assistant
Mary L Holbritter Office Manager, Religioius Affairs 518-276-6518
Nicole M. Hollister Business Coordinator 518-276-6505
Jaqualyn Susan Iardella Director, Disability Services 518-276-8197
Ralph Isernia Head Coach, Football 518-276-3700
Mizue Iwamoto Assoc. Head Athletic Trainer 518-276-2884
Diamond R.K. Jackson Asst. Director, Student Trans.
Jamie Jackson Head Coach, Golf 518-276-6685
Karen S. Johnson-Williams Supervisor, PBHS 518-276-6479
Austin M. Jones Asst. Athletic Trainer 518-276-2884
Edward S. Kacerguis Adjunct Lecturer, Coordinator of Religious Affairs 518-276-6518
Erich Spencer Kaempffe Asst. Coach, Men's Basketball 518-276-6733
Aaron J. Kemp Business Administrator 518-276-6686
Kristen R. Kettering Career Counselor
Leslie Khachadourian DeLano Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse 518-276-6182
Hwaseon Kim Asst. Athletic Trainer 518-276-2884
Taylor J. Kircher Asst. Director, Cooperative Ed 518-276-6234
Christopher J. Klein Operations Manager 518-276-6287
Sophie M. Knittle Athletic Training Associate 518-276-2884
Graham C. Knowles Assoc. Director/Lecturer 518-276-2119
Peter A. Konwerski VP of Student Life 518-276-6201
Kevin Krolik Religous Affairs Associate 518-274-7793
Amber L. Lange Nurse Practitioner
Mathias Robert Lange Operations Coordinator 518-276-6751
Perry Laskaris Communications Specialist, Ath 518-276-8417
John A. Lawler Dean,Student Living & Learn. 518-276-6284
Leslie Stephen Lawrence Executive Director 518-276-6287
Jennifer A. Littlejohn Executive Assistant 518-276-6201
Bre Lowe Head Coach, Field Hockey 518-276-8623
Victoria Lynn Luzinas Administrative Coordinator 518-276-6266
John P Lynch Head Coach, Cross Country 518-276-6168
Amber C. Maisonet Head Coach, Softball 518-276-8373
Lauren M. Arnoff Asst. Director, Mueller Center
Nick Marcella Asst. Coach, Football 518-276-2556
Justin M Markley Asst. Strength & Cond. Coach 518-276-6641
Sean Maruscsak Athletic Fac & Equip Spec. 518-276-8038
Edwina A. McCormick Business Manager 518-276-8998
Ellin M. McDougall Asst. Coach, W. Soccer 518-276-8407
Jed McElligott Facilities Assistant 518-276-2797
Martha McElligott Business Administrator 518-276-6505
Lee August McElroy Assoc. VP & Dir., Athletics 518-276-6702
Dana Mitchell McGuane Athletics Equipment Manager 518-276-6514
Cameron Anne McLean Director, Student Activities 518-276-6505
Lesly Y. Mejia Asst. Dean, Acad. Integration 518-276-6864
Charlene Morizio Operations Associate 518-276-6572
Scott M. Moser Asst. Coach, Men's Hockey 518-276-2224
Alyssa Michelle Murray Operations Associate 518-276-6029
Barbara Musial Religous Affairs Associate 518-274-7793
BreLynn Nasypany Head Coach, Women's Soccer 518-276-6038
Mary Nellis Director, ISSS 518-276-4966
Alyce J. Newman Counselor 518-276-6479
Katelyn R. Newsham Class Dean
Catherine E Townsend Asst. Athletic Trainer
Kris Nolan-Parker Assoc. Dean, Resid. Commons
Isabel D. Norman Class Dean
Neal D. Norton Physician Assistant 518-276-6287
Judith A. Obiero Assoc. Director/Lecturer 518-276-8479
Shannon Elizabeth O'Brien Head Coach, Swimming&Pool Dir. 518-276-2642
Venus Ortiz Operations Associate 518-276-6287
Beth Pasinella Operations Manager 518-276-6284
Norris Pearson Manager, Operations 518-276-6121
Stephanie Perry Recruitment Coordinator 518-276-3305
Charlie Potts Director, Rensselaer Union 518-276-6505
LeAnn K. Pratt Asst Dean, Residential Commons
Von Purnell Asst Dean, Residential Commons
Jean Wager Purtell Operations Coordinator 518-276-6505
Kevin C. Readdean Assoc. Director, SHC 518-276-2936
Casey Redden Associate Registrar 518-276-6996
Jewel Anne Robinson Registered Nurse 518-276-3377
Shelby D. Robinson Asst Dean, Residential Commons
Raquel M. Rodriguez-Asher Health Educator
Justin Bradley Roe Head Coach, Women's Tennis 518-276-6375
Jonathan D. Rogers Asst. Coach, Track & Field 518-276-3353
Carole A. Romano Administrative Specialist 518-276-6685
Matthew G. Santa Maria Assistant Equipment Manager 518-276-6514
Scott Sasenbury Manager, Athletic Facilities 518-276-6482
Jonathan William Satkowski Head Coach, Men's Tennis 518-276-6389
Tracy N. Schierenbeck Director, Archer Center 518-276-2119
Tara R. Schuster Program Manager 518-276-6287
Jamie L. Sansivero Triage Counselor 518-276-6479
Emily A. Seils Asst. Director, Career Dev
Walt Sessions Jr Athletics Fac Specialist, Sr. 518-276-8038
Michael William Shine Athletic Fac & Equip Spec. 518-276-6256
Jennifer A. Sickles Operations Associate 518-276-6287
Tami Simmons Medical Assistant 518-276-2158
Michael Augustus Sitterley Director, Housing Operations 518-276-6284
Colleen Jennifer Smith Dean, Graduate Experience 518-276-8022
David A. Smith Head Coach, Men's Hockey 518-276-2295
Rajni Ekta Soharu Registrar 518-276-6028
Michael J. Sorrentino Asst. Coach, Swimming/Diving 518-276-4960
Sheryl S. Spencer Counselor 518-276-6287
Holly B. Steciuk Administrative Specialist 518-276-6864
Angela Maria Rose Stimac Registered Nurse
Mike Sun Asst Dean, Residential Commons 518-276-6284
Albertha Donna Sutton Operations Specialist 518-276-2874
Alec B. Swider Athletic Fac & Equipment Spec. 518-276-6256
Tammy J. Taylor Administrative Coordinator 518-276-6234
Aldo Tedesco Facilities Assistant
Christopher R Thompson Athletic Trainer, Head 518-276-6186
Kim M Tobio Assistant Registrar 518-276-6299
Colin C. Tory Head Mens/Womens Track -Cross Country Coach 518-276-6184
Lisa M Trahan Assistant Vice President 518-276-8022
Louis Trzepacz Dean, Student Success 518-276-8022
Angelique M. Turman Corchado International Student Advisor 518-276-4966
Susan B Valenti Operations Specialist 518-276-6284
Bryan W. Vines Head Coach, Women's Hockey 518-276-6118
Joseph P. Vrablic Building Supervisor, AS&RC 518-276-8038
Diane K Waters Secretary, Religious Affairs 518-276-6517
Chuck Weber Asst. Coach, Men's Hockey 518-276-8974
Jennifer Ann Wehner Asst. Director, Mueller Center 518-276-2246
Eric Todd Westerfield Asst. Coach, Football 518-276-6011
Cecilia Irene Widomski Business Coordinator 518-276-6694
Miciah Z. Yehudah Asst. Dir., Student Activities
Aaron Timothy Youmans Asst Dean, Residential Commons
Evan C. Young Assoc. Director, Employer Rel.
Benjamin Ka-Kuen Yung Asst. Dir., Student Activities

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