Health Requirements for Overnight Programs

In New York State, summer camps must have a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally. These permits are issued only if the camp is in compliance with the state’s health regulations. For informaiton, visit, "Children's Camps in New York State" and the New York State Department of Health for a summary of the rights and responsibilities of the state, camp, and families of participating campers. The governing body overseeing camps in Troy, and therefore RPI Summer Programs, is the Rensselaer County Health Department.

For more information, email Cynthia Smith, Program Director at

The RPI Health Center will provide regular healthcare to students selected to participate in summer programs, while they are on campus. Emergency healthcare is provided at a local hospital. In order for the Health Center to provide the proper and appropriate care in compliance with the NYSDOH, selected students must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the required health and medication forms, which includes a record of current immunizations.
  • Submit any applicable health center fee.
  • Provide proof of insurance in the event of a hospital stay.

Families should also begin the process of acquiring appropriate health insurance that will be applicable in Troy, NY, as soon as possible, if it is not already in place. As an example, we are aware that it often takes 30 days or more to acquire Child Health Plus coverage in New York. Without proof of this or other adequate coverage, students will not be permitted to attend a summer program at Rensselaer .

Rensselaer is committed to providing appropriate health care to students attending its summer programs to ensure they are fully enriched by the experience. Questions about the health requirements should be the program director.