Air and Space Studies

The Department of Air and Space Studies offers an elective program to eligible male and female students who are U.S. citizens wishing to pursue commissioning as future Air Force officers.

Air Force scholarships are awarded on a merit basis to high school seniors and full-time college students who meet specific program requirements. Multiple-year scholarships are available, as well as some specialized one-year programs and incentives.

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General Military Course

The General Military Course may be taken during the first two years or during a special five-week summer course. After the General Military Course, students compete for entry into the two-year Professional Officer Course.

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Professional Officer Course

Admission to the Professional Officer Course is based on demonstrated proficiency in the General Military Course, medical qualifications, academic standing, physical conditioning requirements, the successful completion of field training, aptitude for further officer training, and citizenship.

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Air Force Contact

Physical Address
Alumni Sports & Recreation Center (campus map)
1686 15th Street Troy, NY 12180
Room 321

Mailing Address
110 8th Street
Troy, NY 12180

(518) 276-6236

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