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Safe Ride Etiquette

  • Please be respectful to your Safe Ride staff and vehicle at all times.
  • Notify the Safe Ride dispatcher of how many people are in your party and their destination(s).
  • Please refrain from smoking, vaping, eating, or consuming alcoholic beverages in the vehicle.
  • Please be ready to go when your Safe Ride arrives and ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive at your location.
  • Please clean up after yourself by picking up any garbage before exiting the vehicle.
  • Please ensure that you have all of your belongings (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) before exiting the vehicle.
  • There will be a charge of $50.00–$200.00 for any cleanup of bodily fluids or damage to the vehicle.


Can anybody use Safe Ride?

The use of Safe Ride is limited to Rensselaer Polytechnic students. For liability reasons, Safe Ride is unable to transport minors.

How long does it take to get a ride?

Wait times vary based on request volume, weather conditions, traffic, etc. The TransLoc app will give you updated wait times so you will know when your ride will arrive.

Where do I go for my Safe Ride pick-up?

Please wait for your ride in a safe and well-lit location. As your ride arrives, please wait in an open location that makes it easy for the driver to find you.

What happens if I can’t make my ride?

Please cancel your ride in the TransLoc app.

How will I know when my Safe Ride van arrives?

The van will have the Rensselaer logo on the door. TransLoc will also notify you.

Will Safe Ride run when the Institute is closed or during inclement weather?

Safe Ride will not run during academic breaks, holidays, and inclement weather. Check the TransLoc app for updates. If the Institute shuttles are not running due to inclement weather, the Safe Ride program will also be canceled for that evening.

My phone died, is my Safe Ride canceled?

No. However, you will not be able to receive notifications when your ride arrives, so you’ll have to be ready and waiting near your pick-up location.

Is there a lost and found for Safe Ride?

Yes. Lost and found is located at Public Safety.

How will I know if Safe Ride is operating?

The TransLoc app will note when Safe Ride services are available.

Can I schedule a ride in advance or make a reservation?

No. Safe Ride is an on-demand service and is unable to schedule reservations in advance. When you are ready to request a ride and the program is running, you may log into TransLoc and input your information. If the evening is busy, you may have to wait, so please plan accordingly.