Request a Ride

Safe Ride operates within the designated service area below.

 Download the TransLoc App to schedule a ride. Transloc will allow you to see your place in the request queue as well as when your vehicle has arrived! Students who would like to request a Safe Ride should:

1. Download the Transloc App from the Android or Apple App Store

2. Choose pickup and drop off locations within the map zones

3. Get updates about ride status

4. Enjoy your ride!

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Service Restrictions

Safe Ride will provide transportation for the following:

  • To campus buildings and spaces (residence halls, the Union, academic buildings, etc.) from anywhere within the service area.
  • Rides to your home from locations within the service area.
  • Rides from campus to your home whether on-campus or off-campus

Safe Ride will not provide transportation for the following:

  • To non-residential locations off-campus (restaurants, bars, shopping centers, etc.).
  • Rides from campus that are not taking a student to THEIR HOME.
  • Rides from off-campus housing to anywhere but campus.
  • Anywhere that is outside of the service area (see map - Lake Ave is the East Boundary - Walgreens on Hoosick)

Violating these policies may result in the loss of Safe Ride privileges.