Federal Work-Study

Jobs available to students who have work study as part of their financial aid award. Eligibility is based on financial need as determined by a review of the FAFSA and other supporting documents.  The student’s financial aid award will list the amount of eligibility from this program. International Students are not eligible for Federal Work-Study.

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The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) includes an award of Federal Work-Study in the financial aid packages for eligible undergraduate students. Students are instructed to accept the award on their SIS account if they are interested in participating. Once the student accepts the award of Work Study on the SIS account, the RPI Work Study job application appears as a financial aid requirement on their SIS account. The OFA sends monthly email reminders to students who have not accepted their financial aid awards and/or have outstanding requirements for financial aid to make sure they are aware of what they need to do.

The RPI Work Study application is only made available to students who have been offered Work Study and have accepted it through their SIS account to prevent ineligible students from submitting the form. The application is due by August 1st for full consideration on job placement. Applications received after August 1st will be considered only if funding is still available for job placement.

On the job application the student is instructed to select the top five departments in which s/he would like to work. If a student is returning and has worked in a department before, we give priority to placing that student in the same department if both the student and the department request it. For new students we place them according to their preferences on the application and the positions available.

On the application the students may indicate if they prefer to work hours during the day, evenings or weekends and this is also factored in to job placement. The OFA assigns a student to a job for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters) unless it is known ahead of time that the student will only be here for one semester.

If the student submits their application by the deadline the OFA will place the student with a department for their Work Study job assignment. About 90 departments on campus request and receive Work Study student workers placed by the OFA.

When the student arrives to work the department may require an interview with the student. If hired by the department, the department is then responsible for making sure the student completes the necessary paperwork that needs to be sent to payroll (I-9, W4, etc.) and issues the student the student employment card.

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About 90 departments on campus request and receive Federal Work-Study (FWS) student workers placed by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). The departments requesting and receiving students remains nearly the same from year to year. Per federal regulations, the departments who receive FWS students must have a job description for the work to be performed on file with the OFA. Each spring, the OFA sends a memo to each department which receives FWS students and lets them know it’s time to request student workers for the upcoming year. The OFA includes with the memo an updated federal work-study request form for the upcoming year and on this form is a copy of the job description that was used in the prior year, as well as the number of students requested. Departments are instructed to return the request form to the OFA by a certain deadline. If nothing needs to change then they simply sign and return the form. If they need to change the job description or the number of students requested then they are instructed to write in any changes. Also, departments may include the names of students they would like to have returned to their departments next year and students they do not wish to have returned.