Getting Paid

Inquiries about the hours paid should be directed to your department administrator. All other inquiries should be directed to the Payroll Department at 518-276-8696 or

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Reporting Time

To be paid on time, hourly paid student workers must report hours worked by the due dates. Rensselaer currently has two methods to report hours worked:

Your department administrator will tell you which option you will be required to use to submit your hours.

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Payroll Schedule

Students are paid every other Friday. The Payroll Schedule has important dates for pay periods, timesheets, and pay dates.

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Ways to Receive Payment

Students can be paid either by direct deposit into their bank account or by check:

  • Direct Deposit (Recommended Option) — Students may set up direct deposit by completing a Student Direct Deposit Authorization Form. It may take up to two weeks for processing. Your first check would be issued as a paper check.
  • Paper Check — You can pick up your paycheck in Academy Hall, Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00 (Thursdays from 9:30-4:00)