Nominate a student for their academic, athletic, and service endeavors

Celebrate Rensselaer Students!
Nominate a deserving student today for the contributions they have made to the Rensselaer community through their academic, athletic, and service endeavors. Our community is better as a result of their time at Rensselaer and these awards are a way of showing them our appreciation.

Awards Include:

Willie Stanton Award (1981)
William P. Stanton '72 (hon.) served the academic and social needs of Rensselaer students for over 45 years as a dishwasher and cook. This award is presented annually to the senior who is judged to have contributed the most service to the student body.

Livingston W. Houston Citizenship Award (1964)
Established by Clay P. Bedford, the prize is given in memory of Livingston Waddell Houston, 11th president of Rensselaer. It is awarded at Commencement to a student who, in the opinion of a committee is considered the "First Citizen of the College." The recipient must rank high in character, leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability.

Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson CLASS Award (2013)
The Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson CLASS (Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students) Award recognizes a graduating senior who as a leader exemplifies the ability to solve complex challenges through intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and a global view. The student must demonstrate outstanding leadership skills, possess an excellent academic record, and have created a positive impact on the community.

Shakuntala Devi and Krishna Deva Malaviya Public Service Award (2018)
Established by Rensselaer Professor Bimal K. Malaviya and his siblings in honor of their parents, the award recognizes a graduating student who best exemplifies sustained excellence and selflessness in the service to others during their academic career.

Paul B. Zuber Endowed Fund Award (1989) 
The award recognizes the leadership and academic merit of underrepresented graduate or undergraduate students enrolled at Rensselaer. This award is given to one Black, Latinx, Native American (or multi-racial) graduating senior and one continuing student who has exhibited service and leadership to the Institute and their community while maintaining outstanding academic performance.

Self-nominations and referral applications are encouraged. All nominations must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 9, 2020 for full consideration. To learn more about the awards and to place your nomination online, visit: