Directory Updates

Student, Faculty & Staff Directory Updates

Use the dirinfo service to update your personal directory information. Log in using your RCS ID and password. Depending on your status as a student or employee of Rensselaer, you may not be able to edit all fields in the directories, so please contact us if you require assistance updating your directory information. Please note that it takes 24 hours before any updates will display in the directory.

Students: see also the Student Information System for updates to other personal information.

Departmental Directory Updates

Directory Administrators can log in to dirinfo to update directory information for their department.

To see the names of the directory administrators, search for your organization in the campus directories. Note to Directory Administrators:  a link to the dirinfo pages can also be found at the bottom of every departmental listing in the campus directories.

Suppressing Directory Information

Students, faculty and staff may suppress directory information in the "dirinfo" update process.

If you have requested that the suppression of your name, address, or other personal information from the campus directories, or have applied for a higher level of protection under the FERPA regulations, you cannot register your home page. You may create a home page, keep it in your "public_html" directory and it will be world-readable but it will not be added to RPInfo's listings.

Registering Home Pages in the Directory

Home pages included with your directory information should observe the following guidelines:

  1. ENTER THE ENTIRE URL (i.e., the Web address), such as:
  2. Include the protocol [http://] and doublecheck it! Any mistakes will result in broken links.
  3. The RPInfo server assumes that home pages are named index.html. If your home page is not named index.html (note the full file extension!), add the home page file name to the end of your URL, such as:

See the Help Desk for more information about creating home pages in the RCS environment.