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Dear Students,


I want to call your attention to the timing of significant events that occur routinely in a semester but are broken up into 3 different summer sessions-  Summer session I which is a 12 week program and summer sessions II & III which run for 6 weeks each with Summer II overlapping the beginning of Summer I and Summer III overlapping the ending of Summer I.  Each session has unique deadlines for: adding a course, dropping a course, and P/NC deadlines.  All of these dates are posted on the Rensselaer Academic Calendar which can be accessed from the RPInfo page or from the Registrar’s website ( ).


Please pay special attention to the P/NC deadlines and rules.  During the Spring of 2020 all of our lives, personal and academic, were abruptly interfered with by COVID-19 and Rensselaer’s need to go to all online instruction.  That time period was a test for all- faculty, students, and staff.  To support our students we suspended the normal rules for use of the P/NC designation and we allowed students to see their grade prior to making the P/NC determination.  We are all more experienced in how to manage online academics and we are going back to the normal rules for the types of courses which may or may not be put on P/NC (  


However, we have increased the deadline for adding/removing the P/NC designation in all three summer sessions to the day before the final exam.  In this way we are easing back to greater normality in the use of P/NC.  The rules are back in place but you have more time to determine whether or not you will use the P/NC grading option.


Any students having issues directly related to these changes should contact the Associate Dean of their school for personally resolving issues.



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