Learning Assistance

Exceptional students are drawn to Rensselaer in part by our rigorous education standards.  ALAC offers many services to help you meet your academic goals effectively:

  • Tutoring services cover course-specific material in interactive group sessions for many undergraduate core courses, with an emphasis on first-year and second-year classes.
  • Learning support includes individual academic coaching by professional staff on organizational skills, time management, learning strategies, and similar topics critical to academic success. ALAC’s full range of learning assistance helps students start well, stay focused, and succeed in their academic adventure. Contact us at 518.276.6269 for more details about services.  We are here to help.
  • ARCH - TA Resources - TA Office Hours Listed below Tutor Schedule 



Tutoring Services

Tutoring services cover course-specific material in interactive group sessions for many undergraduate core courses, with an emphasis on first-year and second-year classes in the schools of science and engineering.

Drop-in tutoring provides opportunities for undergraduates to review class material with graduate and undergraduate tutors proficient in the course topics.  The goal is to help students become independent learners by having tutors guide them through solving practice problems while demonstrating strategies for exploring a topic.  Their role is not to provide answers, but rather to help students understand questions and identify methods for solving them.

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule - 

During the fall, spring, and summer semesters Drop-in tutoring sessions are offered for selected courses in the schools of science and engineering.  During the summer semesters some courses may be scheduled on an Individual/Small Group basis. 

  • If you need assistance with a 1000-level or 2000-level course that is NOT listed below - please contact Sharon McGrath at mcgras@rpi.edu - please note the course number and course title. 
  • If you need assistance with a 4000-level course we will try our best to locate a tutor however, there is no guarantee that one will be found. In such cases we highly recommend that you seek additional assistance from your professor or TA. 
  • IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BECOME A TUTOR PLEASE CONTACT Sharon McGrath as mcgras@rpi.edu 


                       -------- SUMMER 2024 Schedule  ---------                                       




CSCI 1100 Computer Science   
CSCI 2600 Principles of Software   
ECON 4570 Econometrics  By appt.- Contact ALAC
ECSE 2010 Electric Circuits   
ECSE 2500 Engr. Probability   
ENGR 2090 Engr. Dynamics   
ENGR 2600 MAU  
ENGR 4760 Engr. Econ  
MATH 4090 Found. Of Analysis  
MATH 4100 Linear Alg  
MATH 4600 Advanced Calc  
MATH 4800 Numerical Comp  
PHYS 1200 Physics II  


COURSE COURSE TITLE INSTRUCTOR TA TA email   TA Office Hours --                       Wednesday (DCC 337)
ARTS 2230-01 3D Digital Modeling Ben Chang John (Alex) Goss gossj4@rpi.edu X
ARTS 2550-01 Popular Music and Society Kate Galloway Bryan Kim kimb9@rpi.edu X
ARTS 2700-01 Sound Recording & Prod I Ross Rice Alexander (Alex) Cohen cohena12@rpi.edu X
ARTS/GSAS 2560-01 Game Sound & Musical Play Kate Galloway Logan Davis davisl6@rpi.edu X
ARTS/GSAS 4510-01 Experimental Game Design Silvia Ruzanka KS Brewer brewek2@rpi.edu X
ASTR 1520-01 Stars, Galaxies & the Cosmos Charles Martin Natasha Nigam nigamn2@rpi.edu 4-5 p.m.
ASTR 2120-01 Earth & Sky Charles Martin Ahmed Aqeel ahmeda7@rpi.edu TBD
ASTR 2960-01 Cosmology:  Our Universe Julian Georg Mostafa Farjana mostaf@rpi.edu 4-5 p.m.
BCBP/BIOL/CHEM 4760-01 Molecular Biochemistry I Fraser, Keith Tedesco, Sarah tedess4@rpi.edu  
BIOL 1010-01 Introduction to Biology Ramanath, Seemanti Ezeamaka, Grace ezeamg@rpi.edu Wed 4 pm & by appt
BIOL 4200-01 Biostatistics Stetler, Jonathan Brown, Alon browna19@rpi.edu 4-6 PM pm & by appt
BIOL 4720-01 Molecular Biology Lab (6 CR) Rutledge, Eric Plowinske, Cameron plowic@rpi.edu Wed & Fri 4-6 pm
BIOL 4720-02 Molecular Biology Lab (6 CR) Rutledge, Eric Plowinske, Cameron plowic@rpi.edu Wed & Fri 4-6 pm
BIOL 1015-01 Introduction to Biology Lab Ramanath, Seemanti Ezeamaka, Grace ezeamg@rpi.edu Wed 4 pm & by appt
BMED 2100-01 Biomaterials Mariah Hahn  Katherine Ebbert  ebberk@rpi.edu   3-5PM 
BMED 2300-01 BioImaging/BioInstrumentation Natalia Maldonado      4-6PM 
BMED 2540-01 Biomechanics George Lee      5-7PM 
BMED 4010-01 Biomedical Engineering Lab Monica Agarwal Rui Chen  chenr15@rpi.edu   
BMED 4010-02 Biomedical Engineering Lab Monica Agarwal Rui Chen  chenr15@rpi.edu  Lab
BMED 4200-01 Modeling of Biomedical Juergen Hahn Cristopher Villegas Uribe  villec@rpi.edu   2-4PM 
BMED 4250-01 Biomed Transport Hisham Mohamed Emmanuel Bankole  bankoe@rpi.edu   3-5PM 
COMM 2440-01 Documentary Film Tamar Gordon Bibiana Medkova medkob@rpi.edu X
COMM 2520-01 COMM Theory & Practice Weina Ran Ysabelle Coutu coutuy@rpi.edu X
COMM 2616-01 Superheroes in the Classroom Chris Jeansonne James (Jamie) Laks laksj@rpi.edu x
CHEG 2050-01 INTRO COMPUTATIONAL CHEM ENGR Nihat Baysal (P) Mnural Sontakke sontam@rpi.edu 3-5pm
CHEG 4020-01 TRANSPORT PHENOMENA II Corey Woodcock (P) Ahn Juhong ahnj6@rpi.edu 3-5pm
CHEM 1100-01 CHEMISTRY I Ma      
CHEM 1200 -01 CHEMISTRY II Tysoe      
CHEM 2230-01 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB I Kirova-Snover      
CHEM 2240-01 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LAB II Totsingan      
CHEM 4410-01, 4440-01 MACRO PHYSICAL-CHEM /       PHYSICAL-CHEM for LIFE SCI Baldansuren, Colon      
COGS 4210-01 Cognitive Modeling Lucy Cui Kosmas Giannoutakis giannk@rpi.edu 4-6PM
PHIL 2140-01 Introduction to Logic Bram Van Heuveln Nicholas (Nick) Maglio maglin2@rpi.edu 4-6PM
PSYC 2310-01 Research Methods and Statistics I Lucy Cui Pengze Zheng zhengp3@rpi.edu 4-6PM
PSYC 4430-01 Psychology of Mindfulness Holly Traver Christopher (Chris) Althoff althoc@rpi.edu x
PSYC 4730-01 Positive Psychology Holly Traver Christopher (Chris) Althoff althoc@rpi.edu X
CSCI 1100-01 COMPUTER SCIENCE I Mushtaque S M Rayeed rayees@rpi.edu 2-6PM
CSCI 2600-01 PRINCIPLES OF SOFTWARE Kuzmin Kushal Bhandari  bhandk@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 2600-02 PRINCIPLES OF SOFTWARE Kuzmin Jade Franklin  frankj6@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 2960 -01-04 RCOS Turner, Goldschmidt Michael Cleversley  clevem@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 2961 -01-04 RCOS Turner, Goldschmidt Michael Zuo  zuom@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4210-01 OPERATING SYSTEMS Goldschmidt Md Zabirul Islam  islamm11@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 4210-02 OPERATING SYSTEMS Xiao Fnu Mohbat  mohbaf@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 4210-03 OPERATING SYSTEMS Goldschmidt Nafis Neehal  neehan@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 4210-04 OPERATING SYSTEMS Xiao Qitong Wang  wangq19@rpi.edu 2-7PM
CSCI 4440-01 SOFTWARE DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION Sturman Kushal Bhandari  bhandk@rpi.edu 2-4 PM
CSCI 4440-02 SOFTWARE DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION Sturman Sharmishtha Dutta  duttas@rpi.edu 2-4PM
CSCI 4441-01 SOFTWARE DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION   Zhenhan Huang  huangz12@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4442-01 SOFTWARE DESIGN & DOCUMENTATION   Aitazaz Khan  khana8@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4960-01 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH Keshan Yue Han  hany4@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4960-02 INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH Keshan Zhenhan Huang  huangz12@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4961-01 INTRO TO QUANTUM COMPUTING Liu Yue Han  hany4@rpi.edu 4-6PM
CSCI 4961-01 INTRO TO QUANTUM COMPUTING Liu Dong Hu  hud3@rpi.edu  
CSCI 4963-01 APPLICATION DESIGN USING JAVA Kuzmin Bishwajit Saha  sahab@rpi.edu 4-6PM
ECON 2020-02 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory Mina Mahmoudi Xiuwen Li (Lally) lix34@rpi.edu 5-7PM
ECON 4130-01 Money & Banking Sarah Marsden Greene Justin Oparaugo (Lally) oparaj@rpi.edu 4-6PM
ECON 4190-01 International Economics and Globalization Mina Mahmoudi Xiuwen Li (Lally) lix34@rpi.edu 5-7PM
ECON 4230-01 Environmental Economics Sarah Marsden Greene Daniel Ferreira Paredes (Lally) ferred3@rpi.edu 4-6 PM
ECSE 2010-01 ELECTRIC CIRCUITS Shayla Sawyer Nazia Afroz Choudhury choudn@rpi.edu lab
ECSE 2110-01 ELECTRICAL ENERGY SYSTEMS Prabhakar Neti Pritom Bose bosep@rpi.edu 2-4 PM
ECSE 2410-01 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS Kimberly Oakes  Mahfuz Ullah ullahm@rpi.edu 3-5 PM
ECSE 2500-01 ENGINEERING PROBABILITY Ali Tajer, Esra Agca Aktunc    Daniel Crowley crowld2@rpi.edu 4-6 PM
ECSE 2500-02 ENGINEERING PROBABILITY Ali Tajer, Esra Agca Aktunc   Mahfuz Ullah ullahm@rpi.edu 5-7 PM
ECSE 2660-01 COMP ARCHITECTURE & NETWORKS James Dylan Rees  Neelanga C.T. Thelasingha H. M. thelan@rpi.edu 5-7PM
ECSE 2660-02 COMP ARCHITECTURE & NETWORKS James Dylan Rees Sahil Agrawal agraws3@rpi.edu 4-6 PM pm & by appt
ERTH 1010 Planet Earth 1:  The Solid Earth Cadieux Michael Hudgins hudgim@rpi.edu 2-4 PM
ERTH 4190 Environmental Measurements Wagner Michael Hudgins hudgim@rpi.edu  
ENGR 1600-01 MATERIALS SCIENCE FOR ENGINEER G Ramanath In class & Grading   2-4 PM
ENGR 2050-02 INTRO ENGR DESIGN Karthik Panneerselvam Syed Amjad amjads@rpi.edu  
ENGR 2050-03 INTRO ENGR DESIGN Tathgata Bhaduri      
ENGR 2050-04 INTRO ENGR DESIGN Prabhakar Neti      
ENGR 2050-05 INTRO ENGR DESIGN John LaGraff      
ENGR 2050-06 INTRO ENGR DESIGN John LaGraff      
ENGR 2090-01 ENGINEERING DYNAMICS Sergei Shenogin Kolade Aderemi aderek@rpi.edu 3-5 PM
ENGR 2090-02 ENGINEERING DYNAMICS Sergei Shenogin Sinanzwayinkosi Professor Ndhlovu ndhlos@rpi.edu  
ENGR 2090-03 ENGINEERING DYNAMICS Sangwoo Lee Bibek Shrestha shresb@rpi.edu 4-6PM
ENGR 2530-01 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Omar El-Shafee/Rahmi Ozisik Md Akib Arafin arafim@rpi.edu 3-5PM
ENGR 2530-02 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Omar El-Shafee/Rahmi Ozisik      
ENGR 2600-01 MOD & ANALYSIS UNCERTAINTY Xun Wang Seth Sekyere sekyes@rpi.edu 2-4PM
ENGR 2600-02 MOD & ANALYSIS UNCERTAINTY Pawel Keblinski In class & Grading   3-5PM
ENGR 2600-03 MOD & ANALYSIS UNCERTAINTY Xun Wang Shivani  Kulkarni kulkas4@rpi.edu 5-7 PM
ENGR 4010-01 PROFESSIONAL DEVEL III Shatoya Michel In class & Grading   NA
ENGR 4760-01 ENGINEERING ECONOMICS Esra Agca Aktuunc akib arafin  arafim@rpi.edu 3-5 PM 
ENVE 4370-01 Applied Hydrolody and Design Letchford Manoj Adhikari adhikm@rpi.edu Lab
ENVE 4370-02 Applied Hydrolody and Design Letchford Manoj Adhikari adhikm@rpi.edu Lab
ENVE 4370-03 Applied Hydrolody and Design Letchford Manoj Adhikari adhikm@rpi.edu Lab
MANE 2220 INVENTOR'S STUDIO 1 Clinton T. Ballinger (P), Jordan L Vener Sifat Ullah ullahs@rpi.edu  
MANE 4030 ELEMENTS OF MECH DESIGN M Arshad Zahangir Chowdhury (P) Moinul Islam islamm10@rpi.edu 4-7PM
MANE 4080 PROPULSION SYSTEMS Matthew Adam Oehlschlaeger (P) Mehtap Agirsoy agirsm@rpi.edu 5-7PM
MANE 4240 INTRO TO FINITE ELEMENTS Kartik Josyula (P) Elizabeth Ameke amekee@rpi.edu 4-6PM
MANE 4730 HEAT TRANSFER Theodorian Borca-Tasciuc (P), Diana Andra Borca Tasciuc Ozioma Ozioko ozioko@rpi.edu 2-4 PM
MANE 4960 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS Matthew Adam Oehlschlaeger (P)      
MANE 2720-01 FLUID MECHANICS Corey Christopher Woodcock (P) Hannah Arnow arnowh@rpi.edu 3-5 PM
MANE 2720-02 FLUID MECHANICS Corey Christopher Woodcock (P) Ilyas Yilgor yilgoi@rpi.edu 3-5 PM
MANE 4030-01 ELEMENTS OF MECH DESIGN M Arshad Zahangir Chowdhury (P) Koorosh Khosravi khosrk@rpi.edu 1-4 PM
MANE 4030-02 ELEMENTS OF MECH DESIGN M Arshad Zahangir Chowdhury (P) Nazia Islam islamn2@rpi.edu  
MANE 4060-01 AEROSPACE STRUC & MATERIALS Ali Shahsavari (P) Sikharin Pranompont pranos@rpi.edu 4-6 PM
MANE 4070-01 AERODYNAMICS Kevin Wayne Housley (P) Cooper Nelson nelsoc6@rpi.edu 4-6PM
MANE 4070-02 AERODYNAMICS Kevin Wayne Housley (P) Soha Yusuf yusufs@rpi.edu 3-5PM
MANE 4500-01 MODELING AND CONTRL OF DYN SYS Luiz Victor Repolho Cagliari (P) Ashlyn Allison allisa@rpi.edu 4:30-6PM
MANE 4500-02 MODELING AND CONTRL OF DYN SYS Luiz Victor Repolho Cagliari (P) Bibek Shrestha shresb@rpi.edu 1-2:30 PM
MANE 4500-02 MODELING AND CONTRL OF DYN SYS Luiz Victor Repolho Cagliari (P) Abigail Rolen rolena@rpi.edu 2-5PM
MATH 1020-01 Calculus II Stevenson Mosst Asma Akter  akterm@rpi.edu 2-4PM
MATH 4090-01 Foundations of Analysis Galo Corey Curran   currac4@rpi.edu 3-5PM
MATH 4090-02 Foundations of Analysis Galo Mosst Asma Akter akterm@rpi.edu 2-4 PM
MATH 4100-01 Linear Algebra Lim Mariano Estrada estram@rpi.edu 5-7PM
MATH 4100-02 Linear Algebra Lim Zihan Nie  niez@rpi.edu  
MATH 4300-01 Introduction to Complex Variables Galo Ibrahim Abdulazeez  abduli2@rpi.edu 4-6PM
MATH 4300-02 Introduction to Complex Variables Galo Muhammad Talha Aziz azizm2@rpi.edu  
MATH 4600-01 Advance Calculus Kovacic Molly Noel  noelm@rpi.edu 2-4PM
MATH 4600-02 Advance Calculus Kovacic Zachery Wolski  wolskz@rpi.edu  
MATH 4800-01 Numerical Computing Henshaw Timothy Lund  lundt@rpi.edu 3-5PM
MATH 4800-02 Numerical Computing Henshaw Zhengjie Xiong  xiongz4@rpi.edu  
MGMT 2320-01 MANAGERIAL FINANCE Brian John Clark Sai Palepu  paleps@rpi.edu 2-4PM
MGMT 4140-01 COMPUTER INFO SYSTEMS Jonathan Alexis McKinney Avnish Grover grovea@rpi.edu 2-4PM
MTLE 4250-01 MECH PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS Ozisik Mengyao Wen wenm@rpi.edu  
PHYS 1100-01 Physics I Yong Sung Kim Taiwo Akande akandt@rpi.edu 4-6 p.m.
PHYS 1200-01 Physics II Yong Sung Kim Punom Roy royp2@rpi.edu 4-6 p.m.
PHYS 1960-01 Physics Bridge Glenn Ciolek Russell Berger berger2@rpi.edu 6:15 p.m. - 10:15 p.m.
PHYS 2350-01 Experimental Physics Darryl Michael Adam Tidball tidbaa@rpi.edu 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
PHYS 2350-02 Experimental Physics Darryl Michael Joseph Daafour daafoj@rpi.edu 5-6 p.m.
PHYS 4962-01 Group Theory for Physicists Julian Georg Amit Lahiri lahira2@rpi.edu 3-5 PM 
STSO 4600-01 Design & Innovation Studio A Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn Allison Holt holta@rpi.edu x
STSO 4100-01 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Allison Hoffman Elizabeth Ameke amekee@rpi.edu  
STSO 4100-02 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Allison Hoffman      
STSO 4100-03 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Allison Hoffman   rafim  
STSO 4100-04 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Azita Hirsa Mehtap Agirsoy agirsm@rpi.edu  
STSO 4100-05 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Azita Hirsa Mehtap Agirsoy agirsm@rpi.edu  
STSO 4100-06 PD 2: TECH ISSUES & SOLUTIONS Azita Hirsa Mehtap Agirsoy agirsm@rpi.edu  


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Learning Support

The Rensselaer academic experience brings many new and exciting challenges to some of the finest young minds in the world.  For such students, high school work may have been easy, with no need to study or to think about how to study.  The more challenging college curriculum, though, may require learning new skills to adapt to the new circumstances.  Academic support is also available for students referred by Rensselaer’s Office of Disability Services.


ALEKS New Pilot Math Tutoring Program

What is ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces)?  

ALEKS is an AI online program to help students prepare for Rensselaer’s Calculus 1. ALEKS develops an individualized program based the student’s math skills.  

The first step: Assessment

Students take the Initial Knowledge Check (IKC) of 25 questions that takes 60-90 minutes to complete. After the IKC, the students can view their strengths and weaknesses and begin to refresh their knowledge on forgotten topics, including trigonometry, linear functions, Vectors, Algebraic expressions, etc.

ALEKS Prep for Calculus at RPI:

  • Is a pilot program for a selected number of entering first year students
  • Has an Initial Knowledge Check
  • Provides Individualized Prep and Learning Modules that are self-paced

To complete the program and be better prepared for the fall semester, we will ask a selected number of participants to be involved in SIX-week math preparatory learning modules from end of June through August. What you need to know:

  • ALEKS Program will strengthen, and refresh knowledge needed for Fall
  • At Rensselaer, students cannot use calculators in their math classes
  • SIX weeks starts when the student hits “Select;”
  • The student’s commitment would be 4-5 hours per week for six weeks
  • Once the student starts the program, individualized work module and prompts will be given to help students through problems sets and encourage completion
  • Participants who complete 80%+ of the program will be put into a lottery for a $400 gift card to the RPI bookstore
  • ALAC and RPI’s Chatbot #Puckman will reach out to students periodically to encourage and troubleshoot any problems with the program

Due to the loss in math skills nationally over the pandemic years, Rensselaer has noticed an impact on our students’ knowledge level and recall of preparatory material for Calculus 1. Since math classes do not allow calculators, crib sheets or any other aids when taking a quiz or exams it is extremely important students can recall and use concepts from Pre-Calculus. Rensselaer wants to help students strengthen those skills by giving them an opportunity to practice and review topics. It is designed to help students regain that knowledge and succeed academically in the long run.


Who will be identified for ALEKS Prep for Calculus?

The Undergraduate Education Office will work with Admissions to select the students who would most benefit to participate in the program. 

How long it will take to complete the program?

The program will be active for 6 weeks, and for the best practice, you can expect 4-5 hours of commitment per week. We strongly encourage you to practice and complete tasks weekly to successfully complete the program.

How long do I have access to my Prep and Learning Module?

You will have 6 weeks of access to your Prep and Learning module. Access to the prep course will not begin until you select start on the top of your screen. DO NOT select into the Prep and Learning Module until you are ready to start working.  

When do I take the ALEKS PPL Assessment?

ALEKS will be open on June 26, 2023. Designated students will receive instructions on how to sign up and start the ALEKS PPL Assessment.

Is there a fee for using ALEKS PPL? It is FREE!

Do I need to install any software or plug-ins prior to taking the ALEKS Placement Assessment? No. There are no required plug-ins or applets required with your use of ALEKS. As long as you have access to the internet and are using an updated browser, you should not experience difficulties in accessing ALEKS.  For a list of preferred browsers, please review the ALEKS system requirements on their support site: http://www.aleks.com/support/system_requirements 

What are ALEKS Knowledge Checks? While working in a Prep and Learning Module, you will periodically complete a Knowledge Check to make sure you have mastered the topics you gained in Learning Mode. If you do not show mastery during the Knowledge Check, the topics will be added back into your Learning Pie so you can review them again.    

Technical Support 

What do I do if my web browser gets stuck or my computer crashes while I'm working in ALEKS? Simply close the browser, or log out and log back in. ALEKS will resume exactly where you left off, with no loss of your previous answers. 

Where can I get help with ALEKS? 



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Remote Learning

Here you will find exectuive functioning information and tips that can help you during your online learning. 

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Learning Assistant Program

The Learning Assistant (LA) is a Rensselaer student who is responsible for assisting first-year students in becoming active, independent and successful learners.  LA's are assigned to a specific residence hall where they reside and assume responsibility for interacting frequently with the residents of that hall and providing academic-related programs, information and assistance. The LA provides a direct academic support service and acts as a liaison between Advising and Learning Assistance Center and their undergraduates.