Learning Assistance

Exceptional students are drawn to Rensselaer in part by our rigorous education standards.  ALAC offers many services to help you meet your academic goals effectively:

  • Tutoring services cover course-specific material in interactive group sessions for many undergraduate core courses, with an emphasis on first-year and second-year classes.
  • Summer ARCH - TA Resources
  • Learning support includes individual academic coaching by professional staff on organizational skills, time management, learning strategies, and similar topics critical to academic success.

ALAC’s full range of learning assistance helps students start well, stay focused, and succeed in their academic adventure. Contact us at 518.276.6269 for more details about services.  We are here to help.


Tutoring Services

Tutoring services cover course-specific material in interactive group sessions for many undergraduate core courses, with an emphasis on first-year and second-year classes in the schools of science and engineering.

Drop-in tutoring provides opportunities for undergraduates to review class material with graduate and undergraduate tutors proficient in the course topics.  The goal is to help students become independent learners by having tutors guide them through solving practice problems while demonstrating strategies for exploring a topic.  Their role is not to provide answers, but rather to help students understand questions and identify methods for solving them.

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule - COVID SPRING 2021

During the fall, spring, and summer semesters Drop-in tutoring sessions are offered for selected courses in the schools of science and engineering.  During the summer semesters all tutoring is scheduled on a Small Group basis. 

  • If you need assistance with a 1000-level or 2000-level course that is NOT listed below - please contact Sharon McGrath at mcgras@rpi.edu and include the course number and course title. 
  • If you need assistance with a 4000-level course we will try our best to locate a tutor however, there is no guarantee that one will be found. In such cases we highly recommend that you seek additional assistance from your professor or TA. 



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    Drop-In Tutoring Schedule - COVID SUMMER 2020



    SUMMER ARCH - TA Resources
    Graduate Teaching & Learning Assistants (TLAs)

    Drop-in tutoring sessions are supervised by graduate Teaching & Learning Assistants (TLAs). TLAs also hold open office hours, lead extra review sessions before major tests in core courses, and coordinate workshops on academic-related topics (such as MatLab software and file version control) and professional development (such as tips for preparing for GRE exams and applying for graduate school). The TLAs act as an outreach arm of ALAC, and interact closely with faculty to provide feedback on areas of concern for students.  Each TLA is an outstanding student referred to ALAC by their respective department chair, then approved and funded by the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education.



    Joe Adam - adamj@rpi.edu 

    Webex Meeting URL - https://rensselaer.webex.com/meet/adamj 

    Office Hours: 

     --- Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs. - 6 pm - 7 pm

     --- Courses : MATH 1010 // MATH 1020 // MATH 2010 // MATH 2400 




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    Learning Support

    The Rensselaer academic experience brings many new and exciting challenges to some of the finest young minds in the world.  For such students, high school work may have been easy, with no need to study or to think about how to study.  The more challenging college curriculum, though, may require learning new skills to adapt to the new circumstances.  Academic support is also available for students referred by Rensselaer’s Office of Disability Services.

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    Remote Learning

    Here you will find exectuive functioning information and tips that can help you during your online learning. 

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    Learning Assistant Program

    The Learning Assistant (LA) is a Rensselaer student who is responsible for assisting first-year students in becoming active, independent and successful learners.  LA's are assigned to a specific residence hall where they reside and assume responsibility for interacting frequently with the residents of that hall and providing academic-related programs, information and assistance. The LA provides a direct academic support service and acts as a liaison between Advising and Learning Assistance Center and their undergraduates.