Leadership Educators Advising Peers (LEAP)

Leadership Educators Advising Peers (LEAP) is an Archer Center affiliated program that specializes in experiential learning. The members of LEAP are extensively trained in the experiential learning cycle, group dynamics, emotional safety, and different styles of leadership. Upon completing training, LEAPers  spend the majority of their time developing and running workshops that focus on communication, problem solving, conflict management, and team building.

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LEAP does low rope challenge courses for various groups on campus, including clubs, Greek life, athletics, and student life organizations. In addition, LEAP also caters to off campus groups like middle and high-school aged student groups and other college organizations. As LEAP is housed within the Archer Center, crossovers between other Archer programs are frequent. 

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The Virtual Option

Since March 2020, LEAP has pivoted to the world of virtual team building. Its members worked hard to develop and adapt activities to remote learning environments. LEAP has successfully completed over 20 virtual workshops and is actively seeking more!

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How to Request a Workshop

LEAP takes workshop requests through the Archer Center webform, linked here https://webforms2.rpi.edu/archer-center-workshopconsultation-session-request-form. You can also reach out to the Co-Coordinators via email (see Contact Us). With these tools, club officers or group leads can take the time to describe their organization, topics to be addressed (issues, skills to develop, etc.) and indicate availability. For highest rate of availability, please consider submitting your request in at least a month in advance.

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How to Join LEAP

Top LEAP candidates demonstrate the following abilities:
•    Excellent communication skills
•    Previous leadership experience
•    Strong ability to self-reflect
•    Desire to learn and apply leadership theory
•    Enthusiasm and willingness to develop personal leadership qualities

LEAP recruits new members every spring. The two-step process includes both a written application and a one-on-one interview. We are currently done accepting applications for the 2021 season but check back next spring to learn more about the 2022 season! If you are looking for other ways to get involved or learn more about our program, feel free to reach out to the current Co-Coordinators or our Adviser (see the “Contact Us” section)!

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Contact Us

For all questions and inquiries, reach out to: