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Credited Courses

The Archer Center staff members teach required coures in the School of Engineering and the Lally School. For detailed information about Archer Center courses please consult the Academic Catalog.

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Course Offerings

Engineering Courses

  • ENGR-2050: Intro to Engineering Design with Professional Development; Group Dynamics
  • ENGR-4010: Professional Development; Leadership Competencies
  • ENGR-1010: Professional Development; Group Dynamics
  • MANE-2220: Inventor Studio I with Professional Development; Group Dynamics
  • MANE-4220: Inventor Studio II with Professional Development; Leadership Competencies

Management Courses

  • MGMT-1240: Management Professional Development 1
  • MGMT-1250: Management Professional Development 2

HASS Course

  • IHSS 2960 Dialogue Facilitation Methods