Environmental & Site Services

Environmental & Site Services (E&SS) is a reliable, customer-oriented and collaborative organization focusing on effective and efficient operation, servicing and stewardship of campus buildings and grounds.   E&SS services five million square feet of academic, administrative, athletic, and residential buildings, as well as 275 acres of landscape zones across Rensselaer's Troy campus.  Currently, E&SS is in the process of implementing a strategic plan to make transformational changes to the delivery of campus services and the stewardship of its physical assets.


Campus Buildings & Grounds

Campus Buildings & Grounds' goal is to provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment for all Rensselaer students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Building Services

Building Services cleans academic, administrative and athletic buildings, along with residence halls.

Routine Services

  • Cleaning of offices, office suites, conference rooms and labs, as well as emptying of recycling and trash receptacles, occurs on a scheduled basis.
  • Daily cleaning of restrooms, classrooms, and public areas such as hallways, lobbies and entryways

Non-Routine Services (Please submitt Fixx request for Non-Routine Services)

  • Carpet extraction on a scheduled basis. 
  • Cleanup after indoor flooding. 
  • Floor maintenance such as scrubbing and refinishing. 
  • Snow removal from building entrances and exits (walkways, ramps and steps). 
  • Wall washing and graffiti removal. 
  • Pest control contractor coordination.
  • Exterior window cleaning contractor coordination.
Landscape Services

Landscape Services is responsible for the maintenance of the 275-acre Troy campus. Through the efforts of our service-oriented team, we strive to create, maintain and preserve sacred, historical and contemplative spaces.  Those who live on, work at, or visit the Rensselaer campus can enjoy its beauty in all seasons thanks to a team of professionals who take great pride in their work.

Landscape and Grounds Maintenance

  • Fertilizing treatments. 
  • Mowing and trimming grass. 
  • Picking up trash and litter. 
  • Pruning trees and shrubs.
  • Designing and maintaining flower beds.
  • Applying water and pest control treatment.

Landscape Construction

  • Planting, removing and replacing trees and shrubs.
  • Sodding, seeding and renovating turf.
  • Campus Paving contractor coordination.

Snow & Ice Removal

  •  Accessible bus services and shuttle routes.
  • Delivery and unloading zones.
  • Fire lanes and roadways.
  • Parking lots for faculty, staff, on-campus students and off-campus commuting students.
  • Public stairways.
  • Sidewalks and curb cuts.

Athletic Field Maintenance

  • Provides Rensselaer intramural, club, and varsity athletes with the best possible playing surfaces.
Pest Control

At Rensselaer, we take pest control seriously and have numerous preventative measures in place. If you do find bugs or other pests in your room, office or lab, you can submit and monitor a maintenance request at FIXX.


Rensselaer Recycles is one of several campus greening projects within the Greening of Rensselaer Initiatives. Its mission is to dramatically reduce the proportion of Rensselaer's waste stream which ends up in landfills. It accomplishes this through integrated waste management methods, including physical plant changes, appropriate placement of toters and bins, and campus-wide educational efforts.




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Moving & Transportation Services

Environmental & Site Services will move single offices, whole departments, and everything in between! The staff is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional, and they have a wide variety of equipment and tools for safely moving all kinds of items, big and small, in all types of situations, from office furniture to lab equipment and machinery. All moving request must be submitted five days prior to date of move.

>> To schedule a move, please contact FIXX .

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Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations is an integral part of the support given to Rensselaer's maintenance crews. It is here that our Trade Shops and Repair crews pick up their vehicles for their daily use on campus. Fleet Operations is responsible for keeping all vehicles and equipment in operating condition.