The Arch International Opportunities

The flexibility of The Arch offers students the opportunity to pursue international activities such as research, study abroad, volunteer service and internships (international internships coordinated in cooperation with the Center for Career and Professional Development, CCPD).  Non-affiliated programs are available during the Semester Away, while affiliated  exchanges will remain an option during regular Rensselaer semesters. The Office of International Programs (OIP) will support students in their search for a suitable opportunity during both regular semesters and the Semester Away.

International students must carefully consider the immigration implications of their semester choices.  If you are an international student, please discuss your options with ISSS in coordination with the offices involved in approving your experience.


Semester Away Affiliated Research & Internship Opportunities

Research opportunities are available at several partner institutions.  These non-credit research experiences will allow students to gain valuable research experience in a wide variety of scientific fields.  Students must apply through the Office of International Programs.    Other opportunities will be posted as they become available.  Additional information can be found by clicking on the link for each program.

Technical University of Dresden (TUD) Internship Program 

The TUD Internship Program offers student the opportunity to gain cutting-edge research experience in a wide variety of scientific fields.   Participants will work in a state of the-art laboratory under the guidance of leading TUD Scientists.  A stipend is offered for this experience.

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Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Research Semester 

DTU offers motivated students the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a DTU faculty member.  Students must propose a project and identify a research supervisor at DTU. 

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Semester Away Research & Volunteer Opportunities

Students may pursue research or volunteer opportunities at non-affiliated institutions worldwide.  The Office of International Programs will post opportunities that may be of interest to students who are looking for Semester Away international opportunities.   Please note that Rensselaer has no formal affiliation with non-affiliated universities/organizations. Students are highly encouraged to seek information about and check references for any opportunity that they wish to pursue.

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Semester Away Study Abroad

Students who wish to study abroad during the Semester Away may do so on a non-affiliated study abroad program. Students may transfer credit earned through non-affiliated study abroad towards the Rensselaer degree, subject to course approval and transfer credit restrictions. 

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Semester Away Program Approval & Application Process

All international Semester Away experiences must be approved by the Office of International Programs (or CCPD in the case of international internships/coops) and the student’s Degree Clearance Officer.  Students must undertake at least the equivalent of 6 credit hours of research, study, etc. over the course of the semester in order to remain enrolled at Rensselaer during the semester away. 

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Semester Away Program Costs

Students will be responsible for all program costs related to their chosen Semester Away international experience.  Opportunities at affiliated institutions will not have a tuition charge, but students will be expected to pay for their own travel and living expenses.  Important:  students should not pay deposits or program fees to any provider until the experience is approved by Rensselaer. 

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For more information, including nomination and application procedures and deadlines, please visit the Office of International Programs Study Abroad Portal and search for The Arch.

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