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Office of the Registrar

  • Minor area no longer being displayed in Degree Works.  If you have declared a Minor, it is still being displayed in the header information in Degree Works. At the time of graduation, your minor requirements/courses will be verified against the Minor Form that was submitted.

  • ATTENTIONPermission Overrides for Courses. Please be aware that any permissions for closed, restricted, and pre-requisite are added by the course instructor. If you have a Time Conflict or need to override a Credit Limit you will need to complete an Authorization Form. 

           For Faculty/Instructors-click here for instructions to add permissions for a course.

  • ATTENTIONDeclare HASS Integrative Pathways in SIS. 

    All students on a 2019 catalog or later, need to declare HASS Integrative Pathways in SIS.  Students can check their catalog year in Degree Works. Declaration of Integrative pathways can only be done once per semester. Read more about Pathways here