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The Division of Student Life strives to create a holistic and developmentally transformative experience for students throughout their academic journey. Through Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students (CLASS), our comprehensive approach to the student experience, we imbue students with the intellectual agility, multicultural sophistication, and global view that enables them to learn, thrive, and change the world.

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You are welcome here.
You belong here.
We support you here.

– The Division of Student Life

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CLASS (Clustered Learning, Advocacy, and Support for Students) is a comprehensive student experience at Rensselaer based on time and location-based clustering that offers students unique growth experiences. Through ongoing support, guidance, and co-curricular activities, CLASS connects students to a network of faculty, staff, and other students, ensuring that they are part of a strong community of learners.

Learn more about the Student Experience at Rensselaer:

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At the core of Student Life are the values our staff members live by every day. These values exemplify the passion and dedication we have to build a supportive environment where our students can live, learn, and grow.

  • Excellence 
  • Community 
  • Civility and Respect 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Teamwork and Collaboration 
  • Assessment and Continuous Improvement 
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Student Life Departments

Archer Center for Student Leadership Development
(518) 276-2119 | info.rpi.edu/archer-center

(518) 276-6685 | rpiathletics.com

Center for Career and ProfessionalDevelopment
(518) 276-6234 | info.rpi.edu/career-development

Dean of Students Office
(518) 276-6266 | doso.rpi.edu

First-Year Experience
(518) 276-6864 | studentlife.rpi.edu/fye

Graduate Experience
(518) 276-8022 | info.rpi.edu/graduate-life-community

International Services for Students and Scholars
(518) 276-4966 | info.rpi.edu/isss

(518) 276-6231 | info.rpi.edu/registrar

Rensselaer Union
(518) 276-6505 | union.rpi.edu

Student Health Center
(518) 276-6287 | studenthealth.rpi.edu

Student Living and Learning
(518) 276-6284 | sll.rpi.edu

Student Success
(518) 276-8022 | studentlife.rpi.edu/student-success

Student Transitions/The Arch
(518) 276-6655 | info.rpi.edu/the-arch