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Student Transitions Week 2024

Epic journeys begin at Rensselaer. Here's to the innovators, scientists, artists, and creators.

We are delighted that you are joining the Rensselaer community and look forward to meeting you during Student Transitions Week 2024! The Spring '24 Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) materials can be found here. Each semester, the Transfer Student Orientation marks the beginning of your membership into the Rensselaer community and is an opportunity for you to gain the tools necessary to ensure a smooth transition into Rensselaer. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (518) 276-6655 or email with any questions you have. Get excited, your Rensselaer experience has begun!

Student Transitions Week covers the following:

  • Transitioning Successfully to Rensselaer 
  • Academic Advising and Schedule Finalizations 
  • Credit Evaluations 
  • Health Services
  • Financial Aid Services 
  • Access to Rensselaer IDs
  • Campus Resources and Engagement 
  • On Campus Housing Requirement
  • The Arch Requirement for Rensselaer Students 
  • Student Accounts and Billing


Please see selections below for communications beginning Spring 2023. 

Student Transitions Week - Fall 2023 Schedule & Communications

Student Transitions Week Schedule: Fall 2023

Monday, August 21, 2023 | Student Transitions Week Overview and Welcome with Shayna Hill, Assistant Director l 12-1 p.m. l Webex Recording

Tuesday, August 22, 2023 l  Ask Assistant Director Hill l 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.  l  Link to Webex

Wednesday, August 23, 2023 l  Ask Assistant Director Hill l 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.  l  Link to Webex

Thursday, August 24, 2023 | Travel and Arrival - Residential Move-In with Student Living and Learning Team l 10 a.m.-4 p.m. l East Campus Athletic Village (ECAV)

*For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Living and Learning at 

Friday, August 25, 2023 | Transfer Student Orientation Day at Hefner Alumni House l 9 a.m.-5 p.m. l Breakfast and lunch will be served (Full Day Required by All Transfer Students)


Incoming Transfer Students Communication Timeline: Spring 2023 Admission

Communications will begin June 12, 2023, for all incoming Transfer students for Fall 2023. Please see the full schedule of Communications and Student Transitions Week schedule for your planning purposes:

June 12, 2023: Fall 2023 Transfer Student Communication #1 

June 28, 2023: Fall 2023 Transfer Student Communication #2

July 11, 2023: Fall 2023 Transfer Student Communication #3 

August 2, 2023: Fall 2023 Transfer Student Communication #4

Communications Archive

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11/08/2022- RPI vs Harvard Hockey Game Tickets Reminder

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8/16/2022- Transfer Student Memorandum- August

7/1/2022- Transfer Student Memorandum- July

4/12/2022- Transfer Student Memorandum- April

3/15/2022- Transfer Student Memorandum-March

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09/22/2021 - Transfer Services and Support | Fall 2021

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08/20/2021 - Transfer Student Orientation Attendance Required!

08/20/2021 - Transfer Student Orientation Attendance Required!

08/01/2021 - Final Transfer Correspondence

07/14/2021 - In Preparation for August

06/28/2021 - Transfer Student To - Do List

06/25/2021 - Farewell from Assistant Director Diamond Jackson

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05/10/2021 - Student Transitions Office Information Advisory

04/26/2021 - May Transfer Student Newsletter

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03/03/2021 - Trigger 1 Protocol Update for Transfers and FAQ

03/01/2021 - March Transfer Student Newsletter

02/08/2021 - January Transfer Student Newsletter


Important Information

Disability Services for Students

If you have not already done so, please notify Disability Services for Students at (518) 276-8197 and the Office for Student Transitions at (518) 276-6655 of any special needs you may have to help ensure that we are prepared to assist you prior to the start of the term. 

Course Selection and Transfer Credits

Prior to Student Transitions Week 

  • Review the Rensselaer Course Catalog and class hour schedule online at to see which classes are offered ahead of time
  • Register for your first semester courses online
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with an academic adviser from your department or school to help you determine which courses to take your first semester
  • While you may not get your first choice of classes, you will be able to get a full schedule that will apply towards your graduation requirements


Transfer Credits
Time has been set aside for you to ask evaluation-specific questions regarding your credits.

Rhett Russo
(518) 276-2011

Kurt Anderson
(518) 276-6620

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Brett Fajen
(518) 276-8266

Information Technology and Web Science
Peter Fox
(518) 276-4862

Christopher Meyer
(518) 276-2225

Lee Ligon
(518) 276-3458


AP Scores

  • Your welcome packet will contain the Rensselaer courses you have received credit for
  • You will have the opportunity to speak with your adviser prior to orientation to determine if you should take the next course level

To get ready for Calculus I, review the book “Ready… Set… Calculus.” The Math Department has also prepared an online version and a sample quiz that you may want to take and review. It is strongly encouraged that you review this information!

Student Health Center
  • Send in the paper immunization form that your physician’s office completes and signs.
  • Visit the Student Health Center website to complete the four forms via the Online Health Portal (click on the “new student” tab).
  • All full-time students must have health insurance that will provide on-going, routine care in Troy, NY. To meet this requirement you must either enroll in or waive out of (with comparable insurance) the RPI health insurance plan. You can enroll or waive via the Online Health Portal (deadline is September 15).
  • AlcoholEdu and Haven are mandatory online education courses that will open on July 31. Part 1 needs to be completed as soon as possible. Part 2 must be completed 45 days after classes begin.
Transfer Student Orientation Fee

The charge for Transfer Student Orientation is a one time fee of $175. This fee will appear on your student account bill, please do not send money. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

For questions regarding Rensselaer billing and payments, contact:

Bursar’s Office
(518) 276-6610

Financial Aid
(518) 276-6813

Transfer Housing Policy

Undergraduate transfer students entering with Junior level classification are not required to live in university owned or operated on-campus housing during their Transition semester to Rensselaer.
To be considered a Junior, the following number of degree-required credit hours must be confirmed as eligible to transfer into the student’s RPI Degree Program per Registrar Office records:
1.   Architecture:               66 credit hours 
2.   All Other majors:         60 credit hours 
Determinations toward transfer student classifications are completed once credit evaluations are done by Transfer Admission and the transfer student’s academic school. Students should inquire with Transfer Admission or the Office for Student Transitions to determine their eligibility to live off-campus during their transition semester having acquired Junior level classification.
All incoming transfer students are encouraged to live on campus. Incoming transfer students entering with First Year or Sophomore classification are required to live on campus and is guaranteed. Housing for transfer students with Junior or Seniors classification is not guaranteed and is available on a first come, first served basis.  Access to the housing application is facilitated once a student pays their enrollment deposit.

Transfers and the Arch Video

The Arch Program is an integral part of each student's academic career at RPI. Transfers come to campus with diverse backgrounds that will support their away semester. For more information on the Arch Program and how it will effect your transfer student, please view this information video here. For any questions, comments or concerns regarding the Arch Program as it pertains to transfers, please contact the Student Transitions Office.


(Video upload as of Spring 2021)

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Transfer Student FAQ's

Transfer Student FAQs to Consider:

Q. Do I need to be vaccinated to attend RPI? 

A. Yes, all students, faculty, and staff are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19. If you have a medical or religious accommodation request, please email the All Rensselaer students are also required to complete weekly testing, DIAL app check-ins, and wear masks in classroom spaces on campus. For more information related to Covid-19 protocols review them on the Covid-19 Website

Q. When will I register for courses? Who should I contact for advisement and planning?

A. Incoming transfer students will begin registration on July 31, 2023. If you do not receive a registration time ticket in SIS (Student Information System), please email All transfers should receive proper advisement from their department prior to registration. Advisors will reach out to Transfer Students individually, beginning July 31, 2023.  

Q. As a transfer student, do I have to live on-campus in the Residential Commons?

A. Transfer Students who are designated as first-year or sophomore students are required to live on-campus. In addition to first-year students and sophomores, all students are required to live on-campus during their Arch summer term. If you are a transfer student who needs a housing waiver request reviewed, please complete the form and connect with Student Living and Learning

Q. Do I need to complete The Arch summer and semester away requirement?

A. The amount of credits accepted by Rensselaer will determine the students classification upon their transition. Those who enter with sophomore classification or below are required to complete both The Arch summer term and semester away. Those who enter with Junior classification will only be required to complete the away term portion. A presentation will detail the requirement and how to properly register for Arch summer and/or semester away in SIS. Any questions pertaining to the requirement please email