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Here you can find information from ISSS regarding international student numbers. ISSS is required to maintain records for all individuals in the F-1 and J-1 visa classifications, who have an immigration document issued by ISSS.

This section provides data regarding the F-1 and J-1 populations at Rensslaer and services from ISSS.

This page was lasted updated on: May 2, 2022.



ISSS mission statement: The office of International Services for Students and Scholars (ISSS) offers a variety of programs and services for our international community of approximately 1,800 students and scholars. Our goal is to enhance the educational and personal experience of the international community and to assist students and scholars as they navigate through academic life in the United States.

F-1 visa classification
  • Purpose: Student
  • Per USCIS: The F-1 visa allows the student “to enter the United States as a full-time student at an accredited college”.
J-1 visa classification
  • Purpose: Exchange Visitor, specific purpose based on category
  • Per DOS: The J-1 Visa “enables foreign nationals to come to the U.S. to teach, study, conduct research, demonstrate special skills or receive on the job training for periods ranging from a few weeks to several years.”
  • RPI can host Exchange Visitors in the following categories: Research Scholar, Professor, Short-Term Scholar, Student, College/University)
  • Active: Active is one possible status in the SEVIS record. Active indicates that the individual has entered the U.S. and is continuing to maintain their visa status.
  • Dependent: A dependent is a spouse and/or child that the F-1 or J-1 individual brings with them to the U.S. in F-2 or J-2 status.
  • DOS: DOS stands for the Department of State. This government agency manages the J Exchange Visitor program.
  • OPT: OPT stands for Optional Practical Training. This is a benefit available to F-1 students after one year in F-1 status that permits students to be employed off campus. OPT is most often used after graduation at RPI.
  • SEVIS: SEVIS stands for the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. This is an internet-based system used to manage records for F-1 and J-1 individuals, and their dependents.
  • SEVP: SEVP stands for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. This is a government agency that monitors F students and their dependents, and manages SEVIS.
  • USCIS: USCIS stands for United States Customs and Immigration Services. This is a government agency which adjudicates petitions for benefits, such as OPT.

International Quick Facts

All data in these Quick Facts is based on SEVIS information accessed on April 18, 2022.

Visa Type
  • Active F-1: 1,500

* All data based on SEVIS information accessed on 04/18/2022.

Education Level for Active F-1 Students
  • Undergraduate: 812
  • Graduate - Masters: 76
  • Graduate - Doctoral: 371


  • Post-Completion OPT or STEM OPT: 241

* All data based on SEVIS information accessed on 04/18/2022.

Country of Citizenship by Passport for Active F-1 Students at RPI

Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zimbabwe

* All data based on SEVIS information accessed on 04/18/2022.

Top 5 Countries of Citizenship for Active F-1 Students at RPI
  1. China - 901
  2. India - 105
  3. Bangladesh - 42
  4. Canada - 29
  5. Republic of Korea (South Korea) - 25

* All data based on SEVIS information accessed on 04/18/2022.