Terra Dotta

Terra Dotta (TDS) is the software system ISSS uses to manage SEVIS records for F-1 students. TDS is used by ISSS to track changes to your information (such as your major or number of credits), complete required reporting to the government (SEVIS registration), and to process student requests (like transfers and OPT).

Every current F-1 RPI student and RPI alumni has an account to submit requests to ISSS. We are continuing to build options for you to submit requests online. Submitting your request in TDS allows you to track its status.

This page was lasted updated on: December 16, 2021


Accessing TDS

The login process for Terra Dotta (TDS) is different if you are a new student (have not started at RPI yet), a current student (enrolled at RPI), or an alumni (graduated from RPI). This system is only for F-1 students and alumni. Exchange Visitors (J-1) should use email for all requests.

If you are a readmitted student returning after a leave, contact ISSS for instructions on how to access TDS.

We recommend you use Google Chrome to access Terra Dotta (TDS).

Having issues logging in? Contact Assistant Director Emilie Buse at busee@rpi.edu and provide your RIN and screenshots of your issue.

New Students

You cannot access the system until after you have been accepted to RPI and have set up your RCS account. The RCS account is also used to access your RPI email.

After you have set up your RCS account, log in by going to the link below, click LOGIN in the top right corner, click the link to log in as a new/current student, and enter your RCS information.

Current Students

Log in by going to the link below, click LOGIN in the top right corner, click the link to log in as a new/current student, and enter your RCS information.


One month after your graduation from RPI, you will be unable to use your RCS account to log in to TDS. Instead, use the alternate email address you provided us during your OPT application to set up your credentials.

  • If you did not apply for OPT, please contact ISSS for help accessing your account.

Need to set up your credentials or reset your account? Go to the link below, click LOGIN in the top right corner, click the link to log in as alumni/staff, then click the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the page to reset your account.



TDS Home Page

Terra Dotta (TDS) has a user home page. Here you can see all of your requests with ISSS and the status of each request. To get to your user home page, login and click the house icon on the top left of the menu bar, then click “User Home Page”.

There are three sections on this page: Records, User Profile, and Messages.

There may be information that is grayed out in some of these sections. This means that the data cannot be changed by you directly. If data is not correct and you cannot change it, please contact ISSS to inform us about the discrepancy.

  • This section contains requests (called records in TDS) created by you and records created by ISSS.
  • You can access records by clicking the red link with the name for the record.
  • The status of your request is available in bold text to the right of each record.
    • The status will only be updated after you have submitted your request to ISSS. If it has not been submitted, there is no status listed.
  • The Academic Objective (F-M) is a record that you should not modify.
  • You will see some records added by ISSS, such as SEVIS Registration. Do not make any changes to those records.
TDS Status Details
Status You See What The Status Means
Status: Student Action Needed Something is needed from you (check your email)
Status: Assigned to Advisor ISSS received your request and it has been assigned for review
Submitted to ISSS Your request has been submitted
Status: Waiting for Readmission Only applies to readmitted students: All I-20 documents are complete, but the readmission decision is unknown
Status: Waiting for Registrar Your request is complete, and SIS must be updated by the Registrar before ISSS can process a new I-20
Status: Ready to Process ISSS has approved your request, and it will be processed soon
SEVIS-Processed Your request was processed in SEVIS
Check-In Complete ISSS has reviewed your Electronic Check-In and no changes are needed
SEVIS-Registered Your SEVIS registration is completed for the term listed
Status: ISSS Processed Your request has been completed by ISSS


User Profile
  • This section contains your basic profile information.
  • In the User Profile section, you are invited to add a CC Email Address in this section. That means that all communications sent to you by ISSS through TDS will go to both your RPI email and your CC (or carbon copy) email. 
    • Make sure to click the Update button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  • In the Information section, most of this information comes from SIS, which is why it has been grayed out. If something is not correct, please notify ISSS.
  • Changing information in your profile does not update SIS.
  • This section contains copies of all messages sent to you from ISSS through TDS.
  • To view the content of the message, click the red link with the subject line.
Sample Home Page

Sample Home Page for Terra Dotta

Text Block

TDS Requests

ISSS is working to move all our requests into Terra Dotta (TDS). The Forms section of our website holds links to paper forms and/or TDS requests: https://info.rpi.edu/isss/isss-forms.

It is best for you to navigate to the ISSS website to access the direct link to a request. Each request will contain information you will provide through Questionnaires where you can type in answers or upload documents. Some requests may also have required Learning Content for you to review and/or Signature Documents for you to review and sign.

After completing all steps, you must hit the red Submit button at the top of the page. This is what submits your request to ISSS and updates the status on your home page to be Submitted to ISSS. ISSS cannot consider your request ready for review until it has been submitted through this process.

If you have already started a request, please do not start a new one. Instead, go to your home page to return to the request and submit it to ISSS.

If you no longer want to complete a request, please contact ISSS and we will cancel it for you.



Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Terra Dotta (TDS).

What is Terra Dotta (TDS)?

Terra Dotta (TDS) is the software system that ISSS uses to manage your SEVIS record. Every current RPI student and RPI alumni has an account to submit requests to ISSS.

How do I access Terra Dotta?
  • Website link: https://bit.ly/ISSS-TDS 
  • New/current students: Log in with the RCS credentials used to log into your RPI email and the SIS.
  • Alumni: One month after your graduation from RPI, you will no longer be able to use your RCS credentials to log in. ISSS will update your account to reflect that you have graduated and you will receive an automated email to the alternate email address we have on file (if you applied for OPT) to set up your account credentials.
    • If you have graduated and did not apply for OPT, contact ISSS for help setting up your account
What if I forgot my login information?
  • If you are a current student, you will log in with the RCS credentials used to log into your RPI email and the SIS. You must have the Duo App to complete the required multi factor authentication.
  • If you are an alumni, please send an email to ISSSoffice@rpi.edu with your RIN and a request to reset your password. If you wish to update the email address for your account, please include that in your message.
What can I do in TDS?

ISSS is busy at work building requests for you to use. Your feedback lets us know what to focus on and what is useful for you.

As of January 2022, these are the functions available to you in TDS:

  • Bring Family Members (Add Dependent) - for students to request to add a dependent spouse and/or child to their I-20
  • Change of Education Level - for students who are requesting to change to a higher education level (Bachelors to Masters or PhD or Masters to PhD)
  • EAD Card Reporting - for students on OPT or STEM OPT to submit a copy of your EAD (Employment Authorization Document)
  • Electronic Check-In - all new students must complete an online Electronic Check-In after they first arrive at RPI to report to ISSS
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT) Application - for students to apply with ISSS for Post-Completion OPT
  • OPT Workshop - for students to learn about the OPT requirements and application process
  • Program Extension Request - for students who need to extend their I-20 end date because they need more time to graduate
  • Reduced Course Load Request - for undergraduate students to request to be part-time (reasons: final semester, medical reasons, first year difficulties)
  • STEM OPT Application - for students on Post-Completion OPT to apply with ISSS for STEM OPT
  • STEM OPT Workshop - for students to learn about the STEM OPT requirements and application process
  • Transfer Out Request - for students who wish to have their SEVIS record transferred to a new school in the U.S. to continue your studies
How do I know what term to pick when creating a request?
  • Choose the term that matches when you are submitting the request.
    • Example: If you submit your request in Spring 2022, you will choose either Request 2022 or Spring 2022, whichever is available.
  • Do not pick the term based on when you want the request to start; choose the term based on when you are submitting the request.
Why should I use TDS?
  • ISSS is using TDS to manage your SEVIS record and make sure it is up to date. It is best for all your documentation and requests to live in TDS.
  • You can see the status of your request. When you submit a request to ISSS, you will receive an automated email to confirm your request was received. You will be able to login and see the status of your application.
  • Some requests can only be submitted using TDS, as paper applications are no longer accepted.
How can I provide feedback on TDS?
  • We would love to hear from you, as the administrative side looks different from the student-facing side. Send us an email - include some screenshots too - and let us know what is confusing, doesn’t make sense, or what you want to see in TDS.
  • Your feedback directly impacts how the system is built out for students and alumni, so please let us know what you think.
  • Email us at ISSSoffice@rpi.edu or come in with your laptop during Open Hours and chat with us.