Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards should be immediately deactivating online by logging in and then clicking the Card Services tab at the top. If you find you card after deactivating it, it will not work for any food purchases until you email us to re-activate it keeping in mind that we are not open on weekends or holidays.

A Lost ID Replacement form will need to be requested by going to ID Cards.

If you are a student living on campus you are eligible to get a temporary card issued by Public Safety.  The temporary card will give you access to your buildings and meal plan for a few days to give you time to find your card.

You MUST return the Temporary Card or you will be charged $25 to your bursar account.  The Temporary Card can be returned to either Public Saftey OR when you pick up your Replacement card at the Secure ID Lockers.

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Replacement Cards

You will need to fill out a ID Card form and select the appropriate form that suits your needs i.e. Lost ID, Broken/Worn, Category Change, ect.  First time lost or stolen card replacement is $10.  Every subsequent lost card is $25. Only MasterCard and Visa are accepted